Solids, Leg Aches, And Teething... Oh My!

Solids, Leg Aches, And Teething... Oh My!

About four weeks into having two kids, I felt like I had it all figured out! I knew the baby's sleep and feeding schedule down to the minute, was getting way more sleep than I did with my first baby, and I was recovering way better too. We were packing up to go out on play dates with our friends a few times a week and I was actually making it on time. I could not believe it. I let myself believe that this time around, there just wouldn't be as many bumps in the road. haha. I must have forgotten that there were many different phases and changes ahead of us again.

Suddenly, we were three months into little babe's life; the newborn phase had slipped away and things were changing fast with her and with our toddler. Isn't it so sad, yet so fun, that we get to experience so many phases with our kids? I mean, I won't be sad to see the three-year-old attitude walk out the front door, but you know what I mean right?! We are currently dealing with and experiencing some phases in our house that I have enlisted some product help for.


This phase is messy but so fun, in my opinion! I love watching the eyes of a baby that is tasting things other than milk for the very first time. After a week or so, they realize what the spoon and bowl mean and start to flap their arms and kick their sweet tiny legs in anticipation; man, it makes me happy just picturing it. The happy raspberries being blown while the carrots are in the mouth is a lot less cute, but if you have a good full-coverage bib, then the darling clothes they have on are at least protected! I'm talking a full-on long-sleeved bib with a drip catching pocket. You definitely need one, if you don't have one, and are in the "learning to eat" phase.

Bumkins Sleeved Bib - Baby Cubby
Bumkins Sleeved Bib

Leg Aches

I hate this phase. Both my husband and I had bad leg aches when we were young, and now our three-year-old is getting them. They seem to come and go every couple of months, but they always hang around and cause our sweet girl some serious discomfort for a few days at a time whenever they show up. It breaks my heart whenever she gets out of bed crying. She always asks for an ice pack and says, "I will feel better in the morning" as if she is trying to convince herself of the fact. If she is going to bed with an ice pack, I 100% want it to be non-toxic and safe for her just in case it were to pop or start leaking. Thankfully Bumkins has just that! Can't wait to say good riddance to the stupid leg aches!

Bumkins Nintendo Cold Pack - Baby Cubby
Bumkins Nintendo Cold Pack


Teeth are definitely necessary, but I sure wish that there was a way to get them in our mouths without the whole teething process. I mean, I don't remember getting my teeth, but my parents sure do! We literally just got over the 3-4 month sleep regression and now I am 90% sure that our almost six-month-old is getting her first two teeth. Her clothes are suddenly being soaked with drool within five minutes of them being on her body, she must be chewing on something at all times, and wants to be cuddled almost constantly. During the day, I do not mind the desire for constant snuggles, but I also have to be present for big sister so teethers to the rescue! A good teether is equally as beneficial for the teething baby and the mama!

Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether - Baby Cubby
Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether

I haven't ever heard anyone say that raising kids is a walk in the park without any sudden detours and wild stretches of little sleep, but it sure is the most joy and rewarding growth I have ever experienced! Some days it will just feel like you are barely surviving with the help of Tylenol and a good teether toy, and other days, you will feel like you are super mom getting everyone ready and out the door earlier than you wanted. Remember that phases come and go; breathe deep through the nasty phases and cherish every second of the good ones!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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