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Solly Baby Wrap

Transitioning into motherhood was super hard for me. I know it’s hard on everyone, but we all know those people who are just naturals and seem like they totally have it together. To quote one of my favorite TV shows Workin’ Mom’s: “No one watching me goes, ‘Oh she knows what she’s doing.’”

People tell you that your life completely changes and you think, "Well no duh, obviously," but you don’t fully realize the breadth and scope of the change until it changes. It’s overwhelming and all-consuming. For me the hardest part was feeling like I couldn’t get up and go and do because I just literally didn’t know how with a baby. It felt too daunting. 

That changed when I got a Solly Baby Wrap. You may be thinking, “Putting those on is the daunting part.” I remember my friend quickly wrapping one around her before we went into a wedding and I was like what?! How?? I can’t have babies if this is what you have to know. But once I had a baby I realized I had to have one because that baby was a happy little camper throughout that whole wedding, and not only that, but my friend was confident enough to take her baby! That’s kind of a big deal.

I got my Solly Baby Wrap and the first thing I did was watch a YouTube tutorial on how to put it on, and guess what? It was actually super easy. I got it on in one try, snuggled baby girl in, and I did the dishes. It may seem simple and silly, but before that moment I felt too stressed to leave baby on the ground with my dog running around, and she wasn’t holding her head up yet. I felt confined to staring at her mindlessly all day. This simple act of doing the dishes was honestly liberating. 

I could walk my dog, go to the store, do yard work, do laundry, and just be doing all while snuggling up my best little friend. She loved it and I loved it. Solly Baby Wrap promotes bonding and is even known to reduce postpartum depression. It also reduces crying up to 43% so even if I didn’t need to be up and going and she just needed to stop crying for mama’s sake…out came the Solly Baby Wrap.

Some wraps or carriers are uncomfortable for parents or baby. Not the Solly Baby Wrap. It is lightweight and breathable for baby (and mama #lessbacksweat) and hip-friendly-certified for moms. I seriously cannot say enough good things about it and same with everyone else. It was named “Best Wrap” by New York Times Wirecutter Magazine. Can I also just talk about how stinking cute they are?!! I can’t with their colors and designs. 

Solly Baby Wrap isn’t just another trendy baby product. It helped me feel more confident and comfortable as a new mom and that’s something all new mamas should have. 

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