Solly Baby Wraps: Intimidation Should Not be a Factor

Solly Baby Wraps: Intimidation Should Not be a Factor

One of my good friends just had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and since I don’t currently have a tiny babe, I loaned her one of my all-time favorite baby products: my Solly Baby Wrap. Just like I loaned it to my sister and my sister-in-law when it worked out that we didn’t have babies at the same time. It’s my favorite thing to share with people because the feedback I get on this thing makes me feel like a million bucks! Let’s just say, I’ve earned a whole bunch of brownie points for not only owning, but sharing something that makes everybody’s lives easier and better. 

There are two things in common each time I loan this baby wrap out: number one I’ve already mentioned - they love it. And number two, which has me entertained each time it happens (and really, it happens every. single. time.), is that they’re completely intimidated by it and they have no idea what in the world they’re supposed to do with such a looooong piece of stretchy material! I’m here to tell you that intimidation should NOT be a factor when looking into purchasing a Solly Baby Wrap! 

There are other factors for sure. In fact, I highly recommend reading our Baby Carrier Guide for a breakdown of all of the baby wraps/slings/carriers, and any information you will need when making the decision of which one will work best for you, your family, and your lifestyle. However, this article is simply going to be about the actual wrapping process, how very non-rocket-sciency it is, and my favorite and least favorite features about it.

Yes, it is very large, and it will definitely take a few tries to get it just right. I suggest repeatedly looking at the instructions and probably watching a few youtube videos. My favorite tricks that I discovered made the biggest difference with this wrap are 1. a tight wrap, 2. getting the material as flat as possible (no bunches or rolls), 3. fanning the fabric over and down my shoulders to better distribute the weight, rather than having a thick bulky strap on the top of my shoulders, and 4. making the X on my back higher up to create an overall higher hold.

There is certainly a lot to it, but once you’ve got it down, there won’t be any looking back. Soon, you’ll be whipping this thing out and having it tied up and ready to go in no time!

I think my only complaint about this wrap is when I am getting it tied up in a parking lot before heading into a store or restaurant and it drags on the asphalt (especially in the winter when it’s all slushy and extra dirty). Luckily, it’s a pretty quick process so the long tails aren’t an issue for long! How I overcame this problem was to stand on the ground right up next to my open car door and have the excess material rest inside of the car rather than falling all the way down to the dirty road. 

Speaking of messy, anything that’s machine washable automatically gets unlimited bonus points, so this Solly Wrap is looking extra good. AND despite how big it is, it folds up incredibly compact and will easily fit inside of any diaper bag. 

The last feature I’ll mention is how fantastic this thing is for subsequent children. Sure, it’s nice to have a baby wrap for your first...but, let’s be honest, you can sit and hold that first baby all day long because you don’t have other children to attend to. But with your second or third or fourth or fifth, kind of run out of hands! Especially at soccer games or other outings! I used this wrap exponentially more with my second than I did with my first. So if you’re thinking to yourself that a baby product like this would’ve been nice for the first, but you survived just fine without one so you’ll be okay with your subsequent children, think again! I promise this is worth buying for your second or third kid - probably even more so than with your first! 

I can’t say enough about these baby wraps! And from all of the great feedback I’ve gotten, I know I’m not alone. Stop in our store or hop on and get one for yourself or a friend today!

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