Springtime on the Farm

Springtime on the Farm

Is it just me, or do you see babies everywhere you look these days!? I love this time of year, the days are getting longer, the sun is getting hotter, tulips are in full bloom, and post after post I get to see pictures of my friends' fresh new babies. These pictures are full of chubby cheeks, first little smiles, and tiny toes that are so delicious I can nearly smell them through the screen!

“It looks like springtime on the farm!”, my mom would commonly say as we would come across multiple pregnant women in our outings or new babes being toted around in carriers, BC* of course (*"Before Corona" as my kids coined it).  What an exciting season it is.  Bird nests have made their way into our hanging baskets and front door wreaths.  The neighbors’ cats are having kittens, again.  And like I said, babies are filling up our Instagram feeds left and right.  No one can deny the joy a fresh baby brings and joy is something we can sure can never get enough of. 

I reached out to a friend of mine, a first-time mom to a darling boy, to get some of her thoughts on how she’s coping with her little guy during these crazy Covid times. 

“It has been absolutely crazy, terrifying, and wonderful. I feel like the day we came home from the hospital, the world shut down… it was the hardest few weeks of my entire life. So much fear of the unknown, wanting to protect my baby but not knowing how, isolating ourselves from the world, scary stuff. As time has gone on, and I’ve sought help from loved ones and doctors, I can see some of the good in all this!  It has made me appreciate people, hugs, and time so much more! I hope I never take those things for granted again.” 

She concluded by adding that she also hopes to never have a baby in the middle of a pandemic again as well. I’m sure many of us would adamantly agree with her!

Though I’m a few years out of the of baby-rearing stage, (a decision that I battled with for a few years and sometimes still question - don’t tell my husband, he already thinks I’m crazy for considering a 6th!), I still absolutely adore babies and any chance I get to love on them.  My love even goes as far as teaching my children to “ooh” and “aww” any time we drive by a field with new baby calves. Or even purposefully make it a family outing to IFA to admire the tiny squeaking baby chicks pecking and chirping all over each other.  We settled for a mini-Goldendoodle this spring instead of the human variety of baby, and so far I will say it’s probably been a wise choice for us this year, though, just as many accidents to clean up! {insert palm to forehead}

I hope all you new moms and well-seasoned moms are adapting alright to the changes around you and take the time to appreciate and admire the beauty of your little ones this spring.  Being a mom to two spring babies, I can very much attest that there might not be a better time to bring a new bundle of joy home, even if it is a puppy! 


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