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Stay Cool This Summer with New Products from i play., Inc.

Stay Cool This Summer with New Products from i play., Inc.

I love buying products from family-owned companies, so I'm really excited to announce that The Baby Cubby is now carrying products from i play., Inc. and introduce this company to you! After earning a degree in child development and moving to Japan to teach kindergarten, Becky Cannon had her first daughter, Emi. While living in Japan, Becky was introduced to unique, multi-purpose, and high-quality baby products that were made from natural materials.

When Becky moved back to the United States, her second daughter, Mari, was born. And so was Becky's new company, i play., Inc. She used her education, experience, and the unique features she had seen in Japanese baby products to create her first product as well as every i play., Inc. product since that time. Today, Becky, Emi, and Mari are the mother-daughter owners of i play., Inc. and they have created hundreds of healthy and natural baby products.

These cute flap sun hats are one of my favorite products from i play., Inc. Made from a breathable, lightweight, and quick-dry material, these sun hats will definitely keep your baby cool and comfortable for all of your favorite summer activities. And since they are UPF 50+, your little one will also be protected from the sun! The brim is made from a water-friendly foam so it will stay out of baby's eyes while swimming, the tie strap will keep the hat on, and the elasticized back provides extra neck coverage as your baby grows.

I also love these cute brimmed sun hats. Made from the same UPF 50+, breathable, lightweight, and quick-dry material, and available in the same three colors, these sun hats are a really cute option for keeping your baby protected from the sun, as well as cool and comfortable.

i play., Inc. Brim Sun Hat - Light Pink
i play., Inc. Brim Sun Hat - Navy  

I also love these cute, reusable swim diapers from i play., Inc., and I love that they coordinate with the sun hats. The i play., Inc. swim diaper is the original swim diaper and has a patented three-layer design. The wicking liner helps prevent diaper rash, the inner absorbent layer helps protect against messes outside the pool, and the waterproof outer layer works with the snug-fitting waist and legs to provide secure protection from unsanitary and embarrassing accidents in the pool.

i play., Inc. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper - White Sea Pals
i play., Inc. also has a variety of items to make mealtime with your little one easier! Like these i play., Inc. Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray - 1oz Cubes.
Made from a petroleum-free silicone, these food freezer trays are perfect for freezing smaller portions of your baby's favorite foods.
I also love these i play., Inc. Fresh Baby Food Unbreakable 4 oz Cubes. They are made of a lightweight, safer plastic that is perfect to store in the freezer or refrigerator, or to put in your diaper bag when you're on the go!
This i play., Inc. Cooling Teether Baby is another great product, and it's perfect for soothing swollen and sensitive gums. The shape and size of the Cooling Teether make it easy for your baby to hold, gum, and chew and it promotes healthy oral development, too! And you'll also love that it's made of BPA- and PVC-free plastics.
And last, but definitely not least, check out these i play., Inc. 3-Pack Milk-Catcher Bibs! These milk-catcher bibs have an absorbent collar that keep baby dry and comfortable and help prevent rashes caused by milk dribbles. They have a waterproof inner layer that protects baby's clothes and a knitted terry outer layer that is soft and absorbent.

I love that these products were created by a family-owned company, and you can definitely see that they have thought of everything with each of these products! As you start planning your family's summer adventures, keep these products in mind to keep your little ones, cool, comfortable, and cute!

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