Staying Close to Those We Miss the Most

Staying Close to Those We Miss the Most

Times are so unlike anything we’ve experienced. There’s so much uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and uneasiness. At the same time, we’ve seen miracles, many acts of service, and people stepping up and out of their comfort zones to help others around them. What an exciting time to be alive, right?!  

Currently as I write this, I have...

  • A 4-year-old son chasing our dog around the house with his remote control car.
  • A daughter setting out all her dolls and dollhouse across the living room floor, of which the aforementioned 4-year old seems to keep messing up. 
  • A son with headphones on, typing away on a laptop, claiming that he’s working on homework.
  • Another daughter waiting (not so patiently) for my husband to get off a work call so he can help her with her school work because apparently, he’s the only one who’s qualified for 3rd-grade math.
  • Another son (fresh off of a concussion) on his way to pick up everyone’s school lunch which, the school district so mercifully provides to us daily during this crazy time. 

If you added that up, yes, you’re correct, that’s a total of 5 children. And I'll be honest, I am one tired SAHM.

As I’ve watched the way my children have responded the past few weeks, I’ve seen every emotion possible from them. Scared, frustrated, confused, excited, disappointed, bored, anxious, angry, sad. All these feelings are very natural and even expected for a time like this. But the biggest thing I've found that they are dealing with is the loss of connection. We miss our friends, our teachers, our grandmas, and our soccer teams.

These are some ways we have tried reaching out to our loved ones and friends around us.


I’ll never be able to express how amazing technology is at a time like this.  My youngest, especially, love to Facetime cousins while the big kids are getting their school work done. It keeps them occupied and quiet(er)--a win-win for all of us!

Send a Letter

My kids have loved coloring pictures and sending them to loved ones almost as much as we’ve loved receiving them. Good old fashioned snail mail never goes out of style!  

Doorbell Ditching 

Remember when that was a thing? Well it’s coming back and boy, has it sure been a welcomed surprise. My older kids especially get a kick out of seeing how fast they can run before getting caught. And everyone is thrilled when they open the door to unexpected goodies or even birthday gifts.  


Now’s the time to break out your inner acting skills and see just how creative you can be. Kids love seeing themselves on the screen almost as much as they love being filmed. And you know their grandparents go all mushy over how perfect their grandbabies are. Pull out your phone and start recording!

Movie Nights

I’m sure like many of you, we often find ourselves gathered around the tv at nights with bowls of popcorn to watch a movie. Something my kids and, surprisingly, myself, have come to love and look forward to. I don’t know what it is about being snuggled up close, way past bedtime, in blankets and popcorn crumbs that makes me love all my crazy littles even more than I already do. Make it a party and invite your children's friends to watch along with you, from a distance of course, by everyone starting the show at the same time!

I hope these ideas can help you and your family create opportunities to find ways to slow down and enjoy the extra time we have to think of those we love and cherish the most! 

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