Stretchy or Cotton: Which way do you Swaddle?

Stretchy or Cotton: Which way do you Swaddle?

When we're talking about swaddles and the best way to wrap up your little one, there are usually two camps--stretchy and cotton.

Mamas are normally die-hard for one or the other, and to be fair, once you've gotten the hang of the burrito roll for your little one, you kind of stick with it forever. If you have questions about the differences between swaddle materials, you can check out this post! But when it comes to the wrap, what are the pros of stretchy vs cotton, and why do mamas love them so much?


These types of swaddles are great for babes that want a little more wiggle room, or babies that have other worldly strength and break out of EVERY wrap. The great knit materials that are used to make stretchy swaddles like the Copper Pearl Knit Swaddle Blankets make for a tighter wrap that makes it a little harder for your little to break free. Knits in general will tend to wear a little quicker than your average cotton swaddle. But chances are you can also use this swaddle as a complete multi-purpose blankie, and turn it from a swaddle to a nursing cover to a car seat cover without skipping a beat.


Cotton swaddles are an awesome option for wrapping up your little one because they are lightweight and breathable! Swaddles, like the Clementine Kids Cotton Muslin Single Swaddles, get better with age. The more you use them, the softer they get, and you can use them for everything! Cotton swaddles will have a little bit of stretch to them, but not as much as a knit, so you can get a tight roll. But, throughout the night, it will definitely be easier for your babe to break free. Cotton swaddles are great for kids of all ages, and because of their size (massive), you'll never have to worry about getting a bigger swaddle as your kids grow.

No matter which way you roll when you're rolling your babe, you can find the cutest, softest, and most comfortable swaddles for your littles to help them sleep better and longer!

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