Style up your nursery with new accessories from Creative Co-Op!

Style up your nursery with new accessories from Creative Co-Op!

Designing a nursery is one of the best parts of having little kiddos who haven't formed their own opinions yet. You get to wait a few more years before explaining color and pattern clashing! Creative Co-Op has soft, cute, boho designs that will give any nursery a fresh look without requiring a total redesign.

There are so many ways to go crazy with decorating a nursery. Here are a few simple ideas that can elevate your nursery without getting cluttered or breaking the bank.

  1. Embroidered wall hanging

Keep the blues away with this vintage/modern embroidery hoop. Its pom-poms bring a 3D effect that will draw your baby's attention, while it's soft rainbow will match your existing decor.

2. Textured throw

A colorful, textured throw blanket will brighten up your nursery as well as provide practical use. Whether it's simply draped over the arm of your rocking chair or on the floor for baby to roll around on, this throw is an easy choice.

3. Antiqued Alphabet and Numbers

It's never too early to expose your little one to the basics: the alphabet, numbers, and style! This scroll wall-hanging not only gives your baby something interesting to look at, but it's educational too.

4. Boho-chic Elephant Dolls

Change up the classic doll routine with some adorable elephant dolls. They are perfect for any decorative shelf or a soft option for your baby to play with.

Creative Co-Op has the soft style every nursery needs. The simple designs and variety of colors and fabrics are sure to stimulate any baby while giving mama a relaxing environment to enjoy the many firsts of her little one.

Written by: Kelsie Hasleton

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