Summer Vacation Checklist

Summer Vacation Checklist

Summer vacation is HERE! Whether your plans include camping trips, large vacations, family reunions, OR shorter trips like a day at the lake, or a day trip to the amusement park, OR you’re simply enjoying summer break from home soaking up the sun with your kids during their break from school…we have just the items you’ll be needing.

Here is your official Summer Vacation Checklist:

Fjallraven Backpacks

Who says backpacks are just for school?! These backpacks are the ultimate throwback classics. There are kid sizes and adult sizes, so everyone in the family is taken care of! Throw in a beach towel, some toys, pack a lunch, and you’ve got yourself the perfect pack to last you all summer long.


Safety first, always! Sunscreen is an absolute MUST! Especially for the young ones! Be sure to always have some SPF lotion, or spray, or even a stick (perfect for faces) on hand! And don’t forget to re-apply often!

Gathre Mats

If you haven’t grabbed yourself and your family one of these leather mats from Gathre yet, you’re truly missing out! There is a mat for every situation, especially when it comes to the outdoors! Throw one underneath a beach towel or use one as a picnic blanket. These are great for playtime outside or yoga or as portable changing pads for your diaper bag or just about anything else you can think of! Not to mention, they also work for any indoor needs you may have also (under tables, for arts and crafts, play mats, etc.)!

Midi Square Mat - Sunset
Adult Yoga Mat - Vetiver


A new swim wardrobe is needed almost every year for young kiddos thanks to how much they grow! Well, The Baby Cubby has a fantastic swimming suit collection to choose from, making this task as simple as ever!

Ditsy Frill One-Piece Swimsuit - Passionfruit
Pineapple Swim Trunk - Seafoam
Women's Swing Swim Top - Black
Longsleeve Rash Guard One-Piece - Tradewinds Floral
Printed Shortie Rash Guard - Tiny Fish

Salt Waters

The shoe that will last a LIFETIME! Seriously, these are the most durable shoes. Grab a neutral color for big brother and it’ll still look new by the time your youngest grows into it! And these are necessary for any mom’s summer wardrobe; they’ll become your number one staple!

Salt Water Adult Sandals - Rose Gold

All of Rylee & Cru

When it comes to clothing, Rylee and Cru has the most adorable outfits! Not to mention, they have the perfect summer swaddle that will serve many functions this summer: car seat cover, light nursing cover, and breathable blankies for naps at the park!

Tropical Layla Mini Dress - Coconut
Swaddle - Sparrow
Pirate Parrot Basic Tee - Sand
Seeds Gigi Jumpsuit - Saffron

All of these items are just what you need to be well on your way to the best summer vacation yet! Enjoy the sunshine, mamas!

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