Video: Taking a Walk with the Nuna MIXX Next

Video: Taking a Walk with the Nuna MIXX Next

We took a walk along the river with the Nuna MIXX Next single stroller and guess what? We think it's a winner.

Fair warning: I don't think there is a single stroller on the market that can calm a squirmy, independent toddler entirely, but the MIXX Next did a pretty good job. Here's a few things we loved about it:

  • SUPER high quality fabrics. Seriously. Although we kept the liner on since it was a sunny, winter day, the coolest part about this seat is that it's made for all kinds of weather. If it's a sweater summer day, just unsnap the liner to reveal the mesh seat underneath! This feature, combined with the peek-a-boo window and ventilation panels within the canopy, are sure to keep your child getting the air flow they need.
  • The seat can face forward or backward, depending on whichever view your kid prefers. It also reclines back to a full lie-flat position, so with the adjustable calf-support, they can get a nice nap while you're on the go. The extra-large canopy can expand even larger to cover them and protect them from the elements.
  • We adore the luxe leatherette accents on the MIXX Next. Both your handlebar, as well as the child's belly bar, have that accenting, so it really just elevates this stroller. It's definitely a plus for style-conscious parents.
  • The ride is incredibly smooth. This is due to the updated tires—they're now rubber rear tires! They also have what Nuna calls Free Flex suspension in back and and progressive suspension technology in front.
  • THE FOLD, THOUGH. With a simple push of the handlebar triggers, the MIXX Next folds into a nice clamshell shape. It's especially compact thanks to the newly engineered axle that tucks away as it folds. It can stand upright on it's own, and if you extend the handlebar while it's folded, you can pull it behind you in trolley mode. All of these little details just make it so much easier to transport and store away.

Take a peek at all of these features in the video below:

If you need a versatile single stroller, get the Nuna MIXX Next. No, seriously. It's awesome.

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