Tea Collection: Summer Citizen Blue Tea Collection 2016

Tea Collection: Summer Citizen Blue Tea Collection 2016

This summer Tea is revisiting one of their FAVORITE destinations...they have a FRESH new take on their most popular African-inspired prints & patterns and are now available in an updated summer palette!  Check out some of their items from the Summer Citizen Blue Tea Collection 2016 .  They are  ADORABLE, each item features a unique pattern inspired by the BEAUTY of Africa.  You can purchase them on our website or in Store.


African Batik Romper - Whale Blue

In Africa, batik is a traditional form of textile design using wax, mud or rice paste to create patterns around on dyed fabrics. This design is inspired by the art form.


Kenya Pocket Romper - Chalk

Kenya is a country located in East Africa along the Indian Ocean. Its location and climate make it a comfortable home for a wide range of wildlife, including lions, rhinos and elephants.



Nigeria Smocked Romper - Deep Space

Well over 13 million people call Nigeria home. That's the largest amount of people in West Africa, making Nigeria the eighth most populous country in the whole world.


Cullinan Diamond Baby Tunic - Deep Space

The Cullinan Diamonds are a series of 9 large gems discovered in South Africa. One of the stones is considered to be the largest rough diamond ever discovered, and several have become a part of the Crown Jewels of England.


Safari Sunset Graphic Tee - Lavender Rain

Zebras live and run free along the plains and uplands of South Africa. We spotted their striking stripes on our visit there.

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