Teething Jewelry You Actually Want to Wear

Teething Jewelry You Actually Want to Wear

Let's be real, motherhood is not the most glamorous job.  Between colicky, spit up-y babies and sticky fingers it's easy to feel a little less than classy.  So let's talk function and fashion. Mama & Little has created ADORABLE teething jewelry for mom to wear.  They have a clean look that will go with any outfit - and they don't even look like teething jewelry!  Check it...

Mama & Little Necklace and Bracelets

I mean c'mon.  Those bracelets she's wearing?? (in the picture^^)  Mama & Little.  But no one would ever guess that those are teething bracelets!!

Lulu Silicone Teething Necklace
and Michelle Silicone Teething Bracelet

Does this necklace ^^ look like a teething necklace?  Uh-uh.  But because all Mama & Little products are made out of squishy silicone material, they're perfect for little ones to chew on!


                    Mama and Little Audrey                       Mama and Little Sol 
                 Silicone Teething Necklace               Silicone Teething Necklace
                   Mama and Little Ophelia                   Mama and Little Teresa Silicone
                 Silicone Teething Necklace                   Teething Necklace - Mermaid
             Mama and Little Olivia Silicone                 Mama and Little Deila Silicone
            Teething Necklace - Sweet Mint                  Teething Neckalce - Marsala
             Mama and Little Deila Silicone                 Mama and Little Deila Silicone
            Teething Necklace - Bubblegum              Teething Necklace - Sweet Mint

                       Mama and Little       Mama and Little         Mama and Little
                      Michelle Silicone      Silicone Teething         Finley Silicone
                     Teething Bracelet       Bangle - Goldie         Teething Bangle

So next time you have a teething child, pick up some Mama & Little teething jewelry!  We have a great selection, so check it out at babycubby.com!  Or if you're local to Lindon, Utah come visit our retail location! And just remember - even on those days when you have spit up on your shirt, and your 3-year-old has smeared something sticky all over your jeans, there is nothing more beautiful than a dedicated mother. :) #momsaresuperheroes 'Till next time! ♥ Alexa


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