Teething Toys: The Natural Pain Relievers

Teething Toys: The Natural Pain Relievers

Swollen gums, fever spikes, runny nose, crying, crying, so. much. crying.

Teething, mama. It is quite possibly the worst thing about babies, because it starts early, and pretty much doesn't stop until they're a toddler. Ugh.

Babies can start teething as early as 3 months old, and some don't get their last teeth until around 18 months old. Oh, and then there's the super fun 3-year molars that pop in to give you a little life lesson in patience.

All babies are going to have different reactions or symptoms when they are cutting teeth, and depending on their age, they'll react differently. My son usually acted fussy for a day, with swollen gums and a runny nose, and then TA-DAH! new tooth. Our little girl screams like a banshee all day for a week, has horrible diarrhea and diaper rash, a day or two of fever, and then (finally) a tooth shows up.

Oli & Carol Animal Teething Bracelet- Sky the Flamingo

Oli & Carol Animal Teething Bracelet- Sky the Flamingo

Recently, tons of information has come out about the dangers of teething gels, and managing pain through natural teethers instead of medicine. Studies have shown that using a natural teething option like teething toys, beads, or rings not only helps with pain management, but helps the teeth to cut.

So, if you're trying to keep things a little more natural for your babe's teething woes, investing in some safe, chewy teething toys are going to make everyone's lives so. much. better.

Getting your little one's hands wrapped in one of the cutest Oli and Carol Animal Teething Bracelets is an easy way to give your babe a clean, rubber texture to soothe those sore gums. These chewy bracelets fit around their little wrists, and you can get them in a bunch of cute styles!

Oli and Carol Teethers are made from 100% natural latex from Malaysian Hevea trees and hand painted with safe food-grade dyes, so it's naturally antibacterial and babes will love to grab them and chew all day!

i play Cooling Teether- Apple i play Cooling Teether- Apple

If teethers aren't cutting it, and babe needs a little something extra to keep away the pain, you may want to think about cooling things down. Throwing a couple of your little one's favorite snacks in the freezer will do the trick!

My littles love popsicles, frozen fruit or yogurt, and even frozen pancakes! Letting them gnaw on the frozen treats will take care of the pain and snack time all in one!

You can also toss in a couple of i play Cooling Teethers, to give them a cool rubber teether to help with their ouchies!

Another fun way to help your babe who is dealing with teething pain, while also taking care of a daily task, is getting them used to brushing those pearly whites. Don't worry about toothpaste, just wet it down, and let your babe chew away! Something like the Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush is perfect for baby's tiny hands, and helps to keep their new teeth clean!

Keeping babies happy while they're teething is tough, mama. And dealing with pain without giving them too much medicine or using numbing gels means you'll have to get creative! Fun to chew teething bracelets like the Oli and Carol Animal Teething Bracelets, freezing some toys and snacks, and letting babe brush and chew are a few ways to help baby's sore gums and keep their mind off the pain!     

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