The Art Of Children

The Art Of Children

My daughter turns three in just a few days. I cannot believe I have been a mother for three years, and yet at the same time, I don't remember life before her. There are so many things you experience as you watch your children grow that can't quite be put into words. You see them, you feel and internalize them, and they forever change you. Children are a bit like fine art; the more you immerse yourself in them, the more you understand how amazing and beautiful those tiny people are!

Rylee and Cru Fox Land Finn Dress - Baby Cubby

Rylee and Cru Fox Land Finn Dress

Like I said above, my oldest is turning three this week. She has definitely become what I assume people refer to when they say "threenager." We have had a lot of extra attitude in the last few weeks, so we have been doing our best to learn how to navigate the extra feelings and independence our little lady has. I would be lying if I said it hasn't been a lot for my patience. But somehow, we keep having these beautiful moments amongst the hard ones and I fall in love with my baby girl all over again.Rylee + Cru Stardust Longsleeve - Baby Cubby

Rylee + Cru Stardust Longsleeve

One of those moments happened today at the grocery store. She was dressed head to toe in clothing and shoes that she chose, topped with a pair of sunglasses. Everyone that passed us got a wave and a huge smile from her. After a few aisles, not only was she waving and smiling, but she was also wishing each and every person a "Happy Holidays!!!"

Did I prompt any of her interactions? Nope. Not a single one. As we neared the end of our trip, we passed an elderly gentleman walking with a walker. He was alone and was so hunched over that from behind you couldn't see any of his head or shoulders. She stopped dead in her tracks to talk to him and I left the store fighting tears because I was so proud of her.

Some days I wish I could be more like her. Do you ever feel that way about your kids? They are imaginative, kind, forgiving, resilient, unapologetically themselves, and sometimes keenly aware of when someone needs a little extra love. I am always inspired to be better because of my kids.

Brands that share that same love, and desire to be better, are ones I choose to associate with. Have you ever heard of Rylee + Cru? This brand embodies everything I feel like as a mother.

Rylee + Cru Stardust Slouch Pant - Baby CubbyRylee + Cru Stardust Slouch Pant

Artist Kelli Murray, inspired by her own kids, so expertly captures the art of children in her hand-illustrated clothing pieces. They are whimsical, bold, and beautiful! If anything has come close to portraying the art of children perfectly in an article of clothing it is Rylee + Cru!

No matter how hard of a day we had, or how little sleep I got (thank you three-month-old sleep regression), I can't help but be inspired by what my kids are made up of. Both have such individual personalities, and I love them both in a way that makes me feel like my heart will explode from happiness. They are the fine art that I get to experience and immerse myself in every single day, and for that, I will always be grateful!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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