Meet The Baby Cubby Bloggers: Abby

Meet The Baby Cubby Bloggers: Abby

The Baby Cubby is lucky to have a team of talented bloggers who are dedicated to creating a community that supports families of all types. In their posts, they share knowledge, advice, tips, and personal experiences on parenting, motherhood, relationships, and being a woman in the modern world--all in an effort to help readers feel seen, heard, understood, and supported in their own journeys.

We want to introduce you to the faces behind the posts, so today let's get to know a little bit about Abby!

Abby Love 

What is your background?

I grew up in Sandy, Utah (I remember when the new Baby Cubby store location was just fields and a few old homes lining State Street). I have my bachelor’s degree in English Education and my master’s in English. I currently teach 11th grade and ENG 1010/2010 and am the cheer advisor at Jordan High School, which is quite literally what I dreamed of doing in college (manifesting is real, people).

Tell us about your family:

I am married to the kindest, chillest, and truly the most wonderful man on the planet and we have two brilliant little girls (3 and 1).

Abby Love


What are some of your favorite things?

I am enthusiastic about exercise and now that I’ve found Hoka’s I still love to run even with my beat up knees. My family loves to travel and we are currently figuring out how to make that happen with two little kids. I enjoy any sort of home DIY. I’ve painted my whole house, put in countertops, backsplash, shiplap, board and batten, picture frame molding, replaced light fixtures, put in a door, and built an electric fireplace! Yes, I got a miter saw for christmas and a compressor and nail gun for my birthday. 

Why do you like writing for the blog? And why do you think it matters?

I love writing for The Baby Cubby because when I first became a mother I was clueless. No really, the first diaper I ever changed was my first daughter’s in the hospital. It felt lonely and like I wasn’t good enough because I hadn’t grown up around babies. Being a mother didn’t feel natural at all. Blogs like The Baby Cubby’s were lifelines for me to know that I wasn’t alone and to give me advice or to straight up tell me how to do certain things.

I hope that some of the things I write can benefit other new mothers or mothers in the thick of it all like me. I also am passionate about writing (hence my English degrees) and I missed writing constantly like I did in school. 

I think it is extremely important to not lose our individual identities when we become mother’s and writing for the blog has helped me keep a sense of Abby. Motherhood can be an exciting and at the same time a grueling journey, but I love that we don’t have to go at it alone.

Abby Love

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