The Baby Cubby is Turning 5!

The Baby Cubby is Turning 5!

Today is our 5th birthday, and we're so amazed at the Cubby Community we've built by bringing parents together with great products, a judge-free place to ask questions, and advice and love all along the way!

With all the fun we have going on this week with our giveaways and discounts online and in store, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at our beginnings to see how far we've come!

The Baby Cubby is Born!

In 2013, we got our start in a warehouse in Lindon, UT, and we started making moves! We purchased our domain name, worked on creating a logo and website design, and went to children's expos to find out which products we wanted to stock in the store we planned on building out from the warehouse space.

Year 1 - 2014

Our first year in the baby business was all about growing! We posted our first instagram pic, had a billboard ad up at University Mall in Orem, UT, and hired our first team member! We also started making improvements to our warehouse/store and installed a stroller track with different terrains to help mamas choose their fave strollers based on their needs. We created our first brand test with the goal of having everyone on our team become up-to-date with our products. By the end of our first year, we had 9 team members!

Year 2 - 2015

The second year of our store was all about teaching and inspiring mamas. We wanted to empower them with all the knowledge and products they needed to be their best! We hired on our first CPS (child passenger safety) technician, started implementing brand tests for all of our team members so that we could ALWAYS have an answer to our customers' questions. We now have 75 brand tests for our Cubby Moms to complete.

This is also the year the blog was born to give mamas advice, answer questions, share stories, and review products that would make your mama life easier! We ended our second year with 12 team members, and purchased the land to build a new store in American Fork, UT.

Year 3 - 2016

This year we were featured on KSL's hitlist, and the added exposure helped us to triple our instgram following. We also started creating content on our YouTube channel. We post how-to's, compare products, demonstrate installation and features of our gear, and give you a close up of our products.

In our third year, we also hosted our first tent sale, had our biggest Black Friday sale to date, and started pop up shops! We also added nearly 3,000 new products, added printed gift cards, and added over 75 brands that year. We ended year three with 26 team members (and a few interns too!).

Year 4 - 2017

In 2017, we opened the doors to our new store in American Fork, UT (2 years in the making), complete with a play area/reading nook for kids, a stroller track, and a gorgeous display of all our car seats and strollers so parents can get a good look at everything they're looking to purchase! Our team had 7 new babies this year, and along with solidifying our company's core values, we started to give shout outs and recognition to our team members to help inspire us all to do a little better! We ended the year with 29 team members.

Year 5 - 2018

This year we solidified our core values as a company and worked on educating the parents in our area by hosting teaching events on subjects like feeding your littles, and car seat safety. We also hosted our first Mama Morning breakfast to celebrate all the incredible work mamas do every day! We also changed up our website, along with opening the new store, to help make buying on our site easier and quicker for all our mobile customers!

Currently, we are working on bringing more value to families all over.

On our 5th birthday, we are absolutely blown away by how far we've come in so short a time! We're always looking to improve as a team to bring you the best information, a place to test things out, and platforms to learn and grow as parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the last 5 years, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for The Baby Cubby!


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Happy 5th birthday!!! ??

I want to plan a trip to Utah just to visit your store!!! But at the moment I love browsing at all the things online ?



Jackie Hall

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