The Baby Cubby's Top 10 Toys for Littles!

The Baby Cubby's Top 10 Toys for Littles!

All you mamas know that we have a ton of fun things at The Baby Cubby to get you through every moment of your mama life, and we love having those goodies for you. But did you know that we also have a TON of fun stuff that your littles will love?

Well, I'm here to tell you that we have some of the funnest toys for your littles that will fill their little moments with tons and tons of learning, and growing, and FUN!

Here's a look at our top 10 fave toys that we have at The Baby Cubby that we know your littles are going to love! So whether you're looking for a sweet surprise for your babe's birthday, or you want to get a hop on holiday shopping, or you just want another excuse to spoil your little, then get into The Baby Cubby or visit us online to get them something fun!

1. Fat Brain Spin Again

Fat Brain Spin Again

This has been The Baby Cubby's top pick every year for a reason! It is a total staple in any toy box. I love that this toy is totally great for a range of ages and babies love it as much as toddlers. It's one of those great quiet time toys that makes no beeps or dings and just allows them to play forever.

2. Loog Mini Guitar

Loog Mini Guitar

This is a newbie to our collection, but we're pretty sure it'll become a quick fave for kids and mamas alike. This guitar is perfect for any little who loves to rock it out-- dancing, singing, banging on your pots and pans... whatever they're into, this guitar is perfect for little entertainers! The guitar comes with flash cards and an app to actually help teach your child the keys and notes they're playing while they're rocking out.

3. PlanToys Vet Set

PlanToys Vet Set

Talk about the perfect toy for your little future doctor! This set lets them do check-ups on mama, brother, and all her stuffed furry friends. The greatest part about this set is that it is wood and cloth-- there is nothing I hate more than spending money on an adorable toy for my littles and it breaking almost immediately once they start using it because of the cheap plastic. No worries here! These tools will last them through a ton of ages and stages!

4. Schylling Broom Set

Schylling Broom Set

Do you have a little who is obsessed with copying you or wants to be mama's little helper at all times? Then get your littles cleaning with this adorable little set! Letting them learn how to do chores in a fun way and at a young age will (hopefully) get them used to actually helping out when they get a little older. This would go perfect in any kitchen/playhouse and will only extend to the sweet little make-believe world where they spend so much time.

5. Tegu Magnetic Block 42-pc Set

Tegu Magnetic Block 42 pc Set

My kids can spend forever building things, and it is actually one of the only times when I feel like they will play nicely together... I know. Magical. And magnetic blocks are a staple for us, unless you want to have littles that are constantly crying/whining/screaming because their creation broke. No thanks, mama. I love that they can build up or out, and this set is the perfect size to share between a couple kids without feeling like they're fighting (too much) over pieces.

6. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

I love anything that encourages my littles to channel their inner parent. And isn't a baby doll just sort of a must-have for any little? We got a doll for my son before we had our second to just show him how we are soft and sweet, how we hold the baby, where the baby would sleep, etc. It really helped to prepare him for when sissy showed up. You can pair this sweet dolly with an Ergobaby Doll Carrier for your mini mama and die from the sweetness!

7. Fisher Price Pull-a-Tune Xylophone

Fisher Price Pull a Tune Xylophone

Could you die that this is such a throwback?! Seeing this on our toy page brings me so much joy, because I can distinctly remember tugging this thing around as a kid! I swear I don't know how my mama didn't toss it out with how often I was banging on that instrument. But the fact that these are still being made means that our littles need and want them as much as we did as kids, and it truly just helps their little egos to share their sweet talents and love for music!

8. Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler

Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler

This plushy guy helps littles when they're feeling insecure, sad, scared, or anxious. If you have a sweet babe who has a hard time while going to sleep, or when you leave them with a sitter, this can help them to remember that they are safe and special. This snuggler comes with an affirmation card that you can recite with them to create a daily routine, "I am brave and unique." Who doesn't love an adorable toy that promotes our littles self-confidence? So sweet!

9. Maileg Mum and Dad Set


These little mice are absolutely so sweet, and if you have children who love to play house and make imaginary worlds with dolls or toys, then they will absolutely love getting their hands on these cuties. This mom and dad are the perfect starter piece if you've been interested in getting the Maileg Mice, and they can pair them with the other mice and accessories to build the little mouse house of their dreams!

10. Jellycat Octopus Storm Baby

This fave plushy is back in a new shade! Every little needs a great stuffed animal and this octopus is perfect for babies and kids alike. I love that they're bringing it back in a neutral color that our little boys will love just as much as our girls loved it in pink! I think that this is the perfect gift to give a new mama as a plushy for her littles that they can love and snuggle with for years to come. Plus, mama, these things are SO soft!

The Baby Cubby is all about giving you the best of everything baby, but that doesn't mean that we don't want to have the best of everything FUN for our littles. Let's get playing and give them a little something new to do with one of these top 10 fave toys from The Baby Cubby!

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