The Best Infant Car Seat Brands

The Best Infant Car Seat Brands

There are so many lists of "must-have" baby products on the internet. Something that is or should be on the top of all of these lists is a car seat! You cannot take your baby home from the hospital or birthing center without a properly installed car seat, and you surely do not want your tiniest love in a seat that won't do the best job protecting them. Most parents choose to start with an infant car seat purely for the convenience and mobility that comes with them. So, today I am here to share our absolute favorite infant car seat brands!

Our country's car seat market is very saturated today with seats of all prices, types, and looks. The ever so common belief that all car seats are created equal is wrong. These seats are truly seats that we fully believe in to keep you happy and your infant as safe as possible on the road!

Nuna: Pipa

Nuna Pipa Infant Seat

The Pipa has kind of been taking the car seat world by storm recently. This car seat is beautiful, lightweight, and has a few safety features that almost every other seat on the market does not have together. To start let's talk about how light this thing is; 7.9 lbs! That takes the cake for the lightest seat. The base of this seat is where the real weight is, and that is exactly how we like it. Nuna built a load-leg into the Pipa base. This leg extends from the base onto the floor of your vehicle and will absorb the impact in the event of a crash! Why is that so cool? Because it takes the pressure of that impact farther away from your sweet baby! Also on the base is the Rigid LATCH, which makes your installation more accurate and even safer than with tether latch!

Other noteworthy features are a built-in canopy called a dream drape to shield little one from the sun and other elements, micro-knit fabrics, a mesh peek a boo window, european belt route for seatbelt installs, and it pairs perfectly with popular strollers to complete your travel system! You'll love the Pipa!`

UPPAbaby: Mesa

UPPAbaby does not make anything mediocre, and the
Mesa certainly shines in a car seat line up! First of all, the fabrics on this seat are a premium, buttery, AND naturally fire resistant merino wool! What baby wouldn't want to be cradled in there? Along with the amazing fabric, you have an amazing (government noticed and awarded) secure installation system. Self-retracting latch connectors paired with a visual indicator window that turns green when installed correctly, you will never have to fight or question your install. To top off the features list you have superior side impact protection, which is key to protecting baby's tiny little heads and necks in the case of an impact. Finally, a no re-thread harness allows you to adjust the height of the harness without taking your baby out of the seat! Mesa can be paired with the UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz, and Baby Jogger strollers gives you a sleek travel system.

Chicco: KeyFit 30

The KeyFit 30 has been the number one rated infant car seat in the country for years! That statistic does not lie! With the KeyFit 30 you get no-brainer features, premium safety, and lightweight packed into one. Weighing in at only 9.6 lbs, this seat is lighter than others of our favorites. Chicco designs their seats to be easy to use and install by making every button or piece you will use to adjust features and install in their signature orange color, so just look for the orange!  

With adapters, this seat can be used with most of the popular strollers on the market to make a travel system, which is such a convenience for parents on the go! Another one of the best things about this seat is the easy installation. A spring-loaded leveling foot and SuperCinch tightener allows you to install the base in your car without the awkward bouncing and pushing-on that you experience with other seats! With so many people in the world loving this seat, and the tested by us features we really don't think you can go wrong with this infant seat.

Britax: B-Safe 35

B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Seat

With the B-Safe 35 you actually have two options. First is the standard B-Safe 35, second is the B-Safe 35 Elite. Both of these seats have the exact same infrastructure (that we will talk about in just one minute) but the Elite has a few upgraded features including; nicer fabrics, better head/side impact protection, an infant position pillow, no re-thread harness height adjustment, and has built-in padding on the inner sides of the seat. Both models can be paired with multiple strollers to make a convenient travel system! Britax really shines because of the infrastructure and safety features in their car seats. The B-Safe 35's most superior safety features are a steel integrated frame, impact absorbing base, and side impact protection. These three features combine with a long list of other wonderful features to provide an absolutely optimal seat to keep your baby protected even in the unfortunate case of an impact. This seat is sturdy as can be, and looks just as good!

Have you had your dose of car seat info for the day? All of this information can be a bit much, there is just so much to these things! But knowledge about your car seat decision gives you power in your choice and safety for your babes. That is a gift to yourself the just keeps on giving. Be sure to visit our Utah store, or call in to talk to a Cubby Mom if you have questions or want more help with your big car seat decision! Baby Cubby is here to help you; because we believe that parenting should have less stress and more time to relish in the joyful parts of parenthood!

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