The Best Stocking Stuffers For Infants

The Best Stocking Stuffers For Infants

Like so many other families, stockings are a big tradition part of Christmas in my family. Always the first thing torn into on Christmas morning, they were the sweet little taste of all of the awesome things to come throughout the rest of morning. This year I have another infant in my house and I have been feeling a bit stumped about her Christmas in general, but most definitely about her stocking.

L'ovedbaby Overall and Cap Set - Buffalo Check 

L'ovedbaby Overall and Cap Set - Buffalo Check - Baby Cubby

She is four months old so she truly doesn't need much. Some milk, her lovey blanket and sleep sack, and some good love and attention are the only things on her Christmas list. But, we, of course, still want to give her a good Christmas for our memory and for our 3-year-old. The very sharp toddler is extremely Santa obsessed and doesn't miss a beat so the infant definitely needs a stocking and gifts! In my opinion, what is a stocking without a few necessities inside? You always need baby wash and wash cloths for that sweet baby skin. This obviously depends on the exact age of your infant, but mine is almost to the phase of starting solids. If yours is about there too, a great way to fill the stocking is with baby snacks like puffs or rice rusk crackers, or even a few containers or pouches of baby food! Do you need some new baby spoons for that baby food? Toss 'em in the stocking! This may not be a necessity for every infant (it wasn't for my first) but we've got a pacifier-loving baby this time around, and they are the perfect things to be put into a stocking. If a pacifier is the most important object for your baby, then a teether is the second most important. All babies get teeth, and even if they don't show much discomfort they are going to want to chew, chew, chew! It is recommended that you get rid of all teething toys and pacifiers between each baby so chances are that if you have a new baby, you need a new slew of teething toys! 

Little Unicorn Holiday Bulbs Swaddle

Little Unicorn Holiday Bulbs Swaddle - Baby Cubby

Now, let's be real for a minute. If this is baby's first Christmas, there is no way you aren't planning on taking an unhealthy amount of cutesy (possibly overplanned) Christmas day pictures, am I right?! What better place to stick the adorable Christmas jammies than in the stocking? I am loving buffalo check set because although it definitely has a holiday vibe it isn't enough that you feel like you have to put them away with the tree. I know an enormous amount of families open Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, but your infant will probably spit up or poop on theirs before the day is over so you might as well have another pair in the stocking! I certainly won't be filling the infant's stoking to the brim with candy and other treats, but I also can't bear the thought of a slouchy stocking. So the perfect way to fill any extra space is naturally with a darling holiday swaddle that will also be in all of those "baby's first Christmas" photos that will be happening in those cute pajamas!

Although they may not remember it now, it will be fun to look back at your memories of your baby's first Christmas for years to come! Being able to find things that baby will actually get good use out of in the months following the holidays is a double bonus. Not that you weren't already your baby's favorite human being on the planet, but a few good things to chew and suck on certainly won't hurt your rating on his/her popularity scale at all!

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Written by: Alyssa Liston

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