The Cubby Moms' Newborn Must-Haves

The Cubby Moms' Newborn Must-Haves

I'm not exactly sure how any mama gets anything for their new babes without first asking all their friends their fave products. I mean it's the best way to make sure you're getting baby goods that are worth your money and will actually help you as a new mama!

So at The Baby Cubby we think that any mama should be able to come to us for advice about the best of everything baby, and so we asked all of our Cubby Moms about their must-have products for new baby and why they are on their faves list!

If you're looking for new baby gear and need a little more help picking out the goodies, then check out these must-haves online or come in store and meet our Cubby Moms in person and have them show you around and grab everything your new little will need!

Bryanne's Fave

Bryanne recommended the Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads for any mama who is breastfeeding a newborn. They are the softest on sore, nursing nipples, and the Overnight Pads are also amazing because they're extra absorbent so you're not worrying about getting an extra bit of sleep and waking up in a pool of milk.

She also thinks the Ring Sling by Sakura Bloom is awesome so you can hold baby skin to skin and keep your hands free!

Banessa's Fave

Something that every new mama should have for their littles is the NoseFrida by Fridababy. Banessa loves it because it's easier and cleaner to use than the bulb syringes that have been around forever, because it has super tight suction, and it's a great way to clear out your newborns nose to cut down on wheezing, spit up, and wake ups at night!

Ellison's Fave

Ellison loves the Copper Pearl Knit Swaddles because she finds them much easier to use to get a tight swaddle, that will hold in your little one all night, and is going to give you a safe, comfortable swaddle for your babe every time. Because these knit swaddles are extra stretchy and breathable they can be used for your babes from the newborn stage and beyond, and are great for first-time parents to get the hang of the burrito baby wrap!

Jaycee's Faves

Jaycee recommends that all mamas get their hands on some Knotted Gowns to cut down on any extra snaps or zippers during nighttime diaper changes (and I promise there are going to be a ton!). They're also perfect because you don't have to worry about getting your babe in some socks at night to keep their little toes from freezing off, but if you wanted even more freedom from extra steps in changing, you can get your little some Kimono Gowns.

Bonus: Mama Must-Haves!

Housedresses, like our faves from Nesting Olive, are an absolute must for any mama, because no one has time for pants when you've got a newborn, mama. Plus they are so cute they are a staple in my wardrobe, and I love that you can wear them out whenever you're running errands. They are perfect for any nursing mama to simply unbutton and you're good to go!

The Fridet Mom Washer by Fridababy is also an amazing thing to get as a mama who just delivered. Our Cubby Moms say, "It has an angled nozzle to clean the lady parts after birth and can be used when your period comes back too. It works way better than the bottles they give you at the hospital." You're going to have a lot of mama clean up those first few weeks, and this thing will be an absolute lifesaver for you!

When you're looking for the best baby gear, and you've already got all the recommendations from your besties, just pick up a few of these must-haves and make sure you're stocked with everything you'll need for your newborn and for you!  

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