Give the Gift of Imagination with Tender Leaf Toys

Give the Gift of Imagination with Tender Leaf Toys

One of the many wonderful things about a young child is your never-ending capacity to imagine. The world is your oyster, and you truly feel like you can do anything! Remember when you were little and you just loved playing pretend, having the title of chef, cashier, racer, or even adventurer? You didn't need a job title or credentials to make you those things, you just became them; children immerse themselves completely into playtime, becoming anything they want to be! There's so much positivity with imaginative play, and Tender Leaf Toys is a brand that will shine a light onto your child's creative and playful side!

tender leaf peacock toy

Rainbow Tunnel Puzzle

Personally I'm not into the toys that are just neutral tones with no color at all-- don't get me wrong, it's still cute and it's okay if you like them, no shame! But I truly feel like kids need color--tones that will not only match what the item looks like in real life, but also to bring in the bright and happiness that comes with the colors too! This is one reason I love Tender Leaf Toys--they are bright and colorful while still being cute and tasteful.

Each item is also hand painted with toxic free paint, so there's a relief to you knowing you are picking a safe, high-quality toy.


I think I speak for all parents when I say that it's a double bonus if the toys we buy our kids can last for years and are made of safe materials. Yes, plastic toys can last a bit of time, but quality is something that matters too.

Tender Leaf toys are made out of wood (ethically, from reclaimed trees), which shows that care and quality is put into each toy's design, allowing your child to enjoy them throughout their entire childhoods, and even beyond! Their designs are not only durable but also safe, meeting all the safety standards, which is an A++ in my book!

tender leaf toy wood quality

Doll House Sitting Room Furniture

Perfect for Every Age

Tender Leaf toys are also truly perfect for the tiniest of hands, and they have something that everyone will love, from infants to elementary school-aged children. Each toy fits perfectly in your child's hand and is able to be easily tucked into any space, so clean up is a breeze.

I love that my oldest will get out their toolbox set and work alongside their dad as he does a home project, or my other child will get out her citrus fraction board as I am chopping food for a meal. I even added the peacock colors toy into my toddler's Easter basket, and he loves holding it up to his eye and seeing what color his surroundings are.

My kids trade these toys with each other, despite their age differences, and I love knowing that they will get played with by every kid.

tender leaf toy baking set

Mini Chef Home Baking Set


Don't get me wrong, let kids love their favorite TV character toys--it's fun and cute, but it truly makes me happy (and my child as well) when we purchase a toy that will not only encourage positive play but also teach them. I truly believe that a child's imagination and confidence can be sparked with what they play with. Toys play a vital role in their life and can shape them into who they are going to be when they grow up. That is why each of their toys will bring out the inner explorer, creator, critical thinker, and leader that is in your child! 

tender leaf toy doll house

Foxtail Villa Doll House

Tender Leaf toys are the perfect toys for your child. They feature timeless designs that are certain to bring your child joy for generations to come, and each item is made with love and care. Take my word for it, not only will you approve of these adorable toys, but will your child's happiness and beautiful imagination will shine through! Have fun and play hard! 

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