The Littlest Things Make the Biggest Difference

The Littlest Things Make the Biggest Difference

A few years ago, I was waiting in the audiologist's office for my 2-year-old to get fitted with her new set of hearing aids, and I couldn't help notice the toys she was playing with. For some reason, watching my young toddler discover and play with something new was such a comfort for me in that uneasy and scary time.

I immediately took a picture of the toys and added them to my children's Christmas list. I found out they're called Squigz! Each brightly colored piece has suction cups that can attach to flat surfaces and to other pieces to create a million different shapes and structures. There is something magical about the way a child's imagination comes alive while playing with these. The fun colors and unique shapes are something that have brought endless hours of fun to my young kiddos (and me!).

I find these suckers just about everywhere--the windows, the bathtub, the refrigerator. Even my husband and I have found ourselves mindlessly stacking these little guys quite often! There's something so captivating about the way they pop when you pull them apart and put them together. Squigz are seriously entertaining!


The truth is that I tend to be quite a nostalgic person, and those memories of us sitting in that office are quite tender. It was a very vulnerable, challenging time for us, and it has taken a long time to process all we felt. I think I connect those silly toys to the peace I found while watching my young daughter play the same way any young child would. My daughter has since thrived with her hearing aids, and I'm so proud of her resilience and confidence. It's something that daily astounds me.

If you're in the market for something new and fun to add to your children's collection of toys, Squigz most definitely gets two very big thumbs up from me!

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