The Most Luxurious Ring Slings You'll Ever Meet

The Most Luxurious Ring Slings You'll Ever Meet

For those mamas out there who are trying to wear their babe, it's easy to feel like our only options are a backpack style with buckles and straps or a never-ending stream of stretchy, tangled fabric. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious and stylish then the Sakura Bloom Sling is going to make you swoon. These easy to use, beautiful slings are absolutely perfect for any mama and it accommodates different holds to help with your growing baby.

These pretties don't come cheap, but the Sakura Bloom Baby Slings are an investment well worth the price! They are made out of high-quality classic organic cotton, chambray or silk, are soft and durable, and actually get softer and stronger with time. They come in a whole rainbow of different colors and fabrics to fit any mama's (or dad's) taste. They've got a 1-year limited warranty to cover anything other than normal wear and tear.

Sakura Bloom Silk Sling – Ink/Marcona

These slings aren't only beautiful, but they're durable and will fit your growing baby from newborn to 35 pounds since they are made from woven materials.There are three main holds for the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling, and all of them are easy to do! Baby can sit in the Tummy to Tummy (legs in), great for newborns and those who need a little more neck support, Tummy to Tummy (legs out), great for those babes who are able to sit up on their own, or the Hip Carry, for those bigger babes that want a little bit more visibility and flexibility. All you do is cinch the fabric around the rings and you're good to go! The Sakura Slings also make it easier than ever to nurse while you're carrying baby. All you do is loosen the fabric to have babe at breast level (you can even cover up with the tail of the wrap) and then cinch back up when they're all done! I am just loving all of these beautiful colors! 

Whether you're looking to buy your first sling or you're trying to find something that fits your style the Sakura Bloom Slings are going to check off all the pros on your list! 


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