The Oh So Amazing Bumbleride Strollers!

The Oh So Amazing Bumbleride Strollers!

Let me tell you about the Bumbleride Indie and Bumbleride Indie Twin! It is the stroller to end all strollers, the cream of the crop, the best of the... well you get the point! If you're looking for a stroller with all the very best features, and one that will grow with your child (who isn't looking for that?!) look no further, because THIS is the stroller of your dreams.

The Bumbleride Indie and the Bumbleride Indie Twin are designed to grow with your child (or multiple babies!). The stroller is perfect for families with active lifestyles as the stroller can conquer every terrain you throw at it! These are hybrid strollers that can be used for walking, hiking, and jogging. No other stroller will offer a smoother ride than the Bumbleride Indie and the Indie Twin. They're easy to maneuver and will check off every single thing listed on your "must have" list for a stroller!

Here are some of it's best features:

Fully Adjustable

The Indie and Indie Twin come equipped with an adjustable footrest, which converts the seat into infant mode, as well as grows with your child as they grow older. The seat is also adjustable to different reclining angles. Unlike many other strollers, the handle of the stroller also adjusts to different heights. I know, shocker that not all moms and dads are the same height! It's wonderful to be able to adjust the handle of the stroller so it's a comfortable ride for baby (and babies!) and for mom and dad! 

Durability and Quality 

The wheels for the Indie and Indie Twin are 12" air filled tires, making this stroller the smoothest ride available! These wheels can also handle any terrain you'll be walking or jogging on/through. No curb or gravel parking lot will be a fear with this stroller! The frame is welded, and the entire stroller only weighs 22 lbs! It's incredibly easy to fold up, and even easier to open. It might sound too good to be true, but it's well made, durable, and extremely convenient to use! Plus, the fabric used on the outside of the stroller is made of recycled materials, and the seat fabric consists of bamboo which is temperature regulating! It's great to purchase a product that fits your families needs, and is great for the environment!   

12″ Air Filled Tires to cover all terrains


Yes, the canopy needs it's own entire paragraph! When my son was born I researched every stroller out there, and they all advertise that they offer a large "canopy". This canopy puts those all to shame! You can have a large canopy, but then you're out on a walk and the sun is just in the worst place, and your poor child is getting blinded by the sun rays that the canopy just can't seem to block. This canopy however is able to move directly in front of your child's face to block those head on sun rays that no other stroller canopy can even come close to blocking!

A Few Other Features to Keep in Mind

The Indie is infant car seat compatible, as well as both strollers offering 5 point safety harness, secure foot brake, and easy stow pockets. Now that I've answered your question on which stroller you're going to get, head over to our website or in store to order yours. You have no excuse now not to purchase the stroller of your dreams. All you have to do next is pick which color you want!

Bumbleride Indie - Aqua

Bumbleride Indie in Fog Grey

Indie Twin in Aquamarine

Bumbleride Indie Twin in Fog Grey

Bumbleride Indie Twin in Lotus Blue
(Isn’t this color to DIE for?!?!)

Bumbleride Indie Twin in Green Papyrus

Bumbleride Indie Twin in Lotus Pink

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