The Only Diaper Bag You'll Ever Want

The Only Diaper Bag You'll Ever Want

One of the hardest parts about becoming a mom is feeling like you've lost yourself a little bit. There are some clothes that just aren't practical anymore for running around with a baby in tow. However, if there's one fashionable area you don't have to let go of, it's shockingly enough...your diaper bag! Say HELLO to the Oemi Parkside Diaper Bag! I dare you to not feel incredibly sleek, stylish, and 100% mom-tastic with this incredible bag!

 The bag is made of 100% leather, meaning it's going to last you through multiple children, or take you from changing diapers to carrying it to the office years later! It's beautifully crafted, and boasts wide adjustable straps. There are two exterior pockets and FIVE interior pockets... oh yes... FIVE! That means it could hold everything for baby and you. No more slugging around a purse and a diaper bag. It has a stain resistant interior, a changing pad that opens to put dirty clothes or extra diapers and wipes, and metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag! 

This diaper bag from Oemi Baby is the ULTIMATE diaper bag for the mom that wants to be stylish and practical. There are zero compromises when it comes to this diaper bag!

Written by Katelyn Bozada
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