The Perfect Backpack for Mamas and Minis

The Perfect Backpack for Mamas and Minis

Here's the deal, mamas: when you're forced to carry everything around with you in order to satisfy your kids and still have room for your wallet, the average purse just doesn't cut it anymore.

I know. It's a sad day. Feel free to take a moment to yourself if you need to grieve for your tiny side-satchel days. We can wait.

Now that we're back, we're here to tell you that there is a silver lining to that depressing intro, and it's in the form of a backpack! Once you have your littles in tow, there is nothing better than being able to throw all the necessities in one bag and sling it onto your back.

Fjall Raven Kanken Classic Backpack
Fjall Raven Kanken Classic Backpack- Ochre

The question here is how to pick the right pack to make sure you're not dealing with weak straps, hard-to-wash fabric, or not enough space. Well the answer is the Fjall Raven. Fjall Raven is a sustainably conscious brand that has a passion for taking care of the environment, and producing durable, classic and functional equipment for every day and adventuring.

The bag that is going to be perfect for you and the kids is the Kanken Classic Backpack and the Kanken Classic Mini. In a bunch of adorable colors, these backpacks are the perfect go-to accessory to make your mama life easier!

blue mini

Fjall Raven Kanken Backpack Mini- Blue Ridge

You've got the classic, square style and color to satisfy your "cute bag" fix, while also having the peace of mind that the bag is made to last. These babies are waterproof and abrasion resistant--meaning you're not going to be worried about spills or scratches while you're trying to wrestle with kids. You've got the added bonus of being able to wear this as  conventional bag with the convertible strap. It also has a removable seat pad (GASP) that is perfect for any mama who is spending an extended period of time on their bum, say, on the most uncomfortable invention on the planet: the bleachers.

And for our little ones who are using their mini bags, fill out the name label inside to make sure that if (okay, WHEN) it's misplaced, it can hopefully end up back where it belongs. The Kanken Mini is about a third of the size of the Classic, so it's the perfect size for your kids to be able to tote around on their own (for at least a few minutes, anyway). Each of these colors are available in both the Kanken Classic and the Mini, so you can either match your littles or mix it up to fit your own style!

Blue Ridge & Blue Ridge Mini

Blue Ridge

Ox Red & Ox Red Mini

Ox Red

Peach Pink & Peach Pink Mini


Frost Green/Peach Pink & Frost Green/Peach Pink Mini

Forest and Pink

Ochre & Ochre Mini


Forest Green/Ox Red  & Forest Green/Ox Red Mini

Forest and Ox

No matter what you're planning for your pack, you can be certain that the Fjall Raven Kanken will be the perfect piece to take you from your everyday tasks to your most exciting adventures!

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