The Perfect Bow Tie for your Little Mr.

The Perfect Bow Tie for your Little Mr.

I don't know about you, but seeing little boys in bow ties seriously pulls at my heart strings. There's something about having your little boy look like a little man that makes everyone fall in love! There's lots of baby bow ties out there, but I found out the hard way that sometimes the fantasy you have of taking those adorable photos with the perfect little bow ties, turns into you trying to re-clip the bow tie every two seconds, or silently begging your child to please leave the bow tie on so you can just get Sound familiar?

I have a solution!! You can have your cake and eat it too! Little Mr. Bow Ties are seriously cute, and guess what, they BUTTON ON! You just button the bow tie onto your little ones collared shirt and you have the PERFECT outfit! Your cutie will keep it on all day because... they can't get it off! Isn't that lovely?

Did I mention they come in adorable colors?! I love that they're neutral colors that will go with any outfit, and they're fun without being too cutesy. They're a classic bow tie that you can mix up with fun patterns, or keep it simple!

Have a look at these colors. You simply can't just pick one. Have multiple boys? Buy them all and finally get the family picture you've been dreaming of (or at least a similar version of the one you saw on pinterest!)

Green and Blue Strip Little Mr. Bow Tie

Green and Blue Stripe   

Navy Stripe Little Mr. Bow Tie

Blue Stripe

Royal Polka Dot Little Mr. Bow Tie (my favorite!)

Blue Polka

Olive Little Mr. Bow Tie


Blue Gingham Little Mr. Bow Tie

Blue Gingham

Pink Gingham Little Mr. Bow Tie (wouldn't this be cute for a newborn shoot with a new baby sister?!)

Pink Gingham

Click the links to grab a few of these for your own precious kiddos, or grab a few for a perfect shower gift while you're at it!

Featured Image PC: @hannahlepperphotography

Written by Katelyn Bozada

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