The Perfect Holiday Bucket List

The Perfect Holiday Bucket List

Doesn't it sometimes feel like the holiday season seems to whiz on by, not bothering to give you the time to think and plan the activities you want to do with your family? Well, that is exactly how it feels for me! I always have the best intentions, but then drop the ball in the executing area far too often.

So, I am so excited to have this bucket list for this year!!! I am going to print it out and hang it in the kitchen right above my planner. Then, when I plan my week, I can just glance up, pick the activities for the week and plan them in advance. BAM! Easy peasy, right?!

Christmas Bucket list

Are you ready to start crossing items off the list?! I sure am! Download your own Christmas Bucketlist here and you are ready to start the holiday season off with a festive bang!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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