The Perfect Toy For Young Babies to Toddlers: Oball

The Perfect Toy For Young Babies to Toddlers: Oball

I know that when babies are young it is a lot harder to find toys that will entertain them.  Well, I found a great option for even your tiniest family members! Enter: the Oball. This 4 inch ball with 32 open finger holes is a classic toy that will carry them from infancy to toddlerhood.

The Oball again features 32 finger holes making it incredibly easy for little hands to grip, throw, and shake! That easy gripping feature is one of the best things about Oball since infants are born with the grasp reflex, but they do not have the dexterity in their fingers to always continue to hold on or pick up something. Oball toys were created with this in mind - helping infants develop that dexterity by offering so many large spaces for little fingers to fit into and grasp automatically! Plus, with the Oball Rattle you can help to develop not only their grasping and dexterity abilities, but also their sound attentiveness!

In way of entertaining your toddlers, the Oball is the perfect chew toy! Made from durable and flexible silicone these are the perfect teethers for young toddlers. Plus, as they start to develop that "throwing reflex" they will be sure to not break a thing - including your nose ;)

It comes in fun, vibrant colors to attract little eyes.  It’s easy to throw, catch, bounce, and is so flexible it springs back after being stomped on repeatedly.  This fun little toy is even free from BPA, PVC, Latex and Phthalates! Plus it is dishwasher safe so you won't need to worry a bit about germs sticking around for long!

The Oball Classic:

 and the Oball Rattle:

Oball Rattle

I first discovered the Oball when my little niece got the Oball Rattle.  Even at just 4 months of age she loved that she could grab it and hold it up by herself.  She enjoyed shaking it and chewing on it.  I had never found a toy that had truly entertained my daughter that young so I was impressed!  I also loved that it was something she'd be able to use for years to come.  At such a great price point the Oball is an easy choice when you need a baby gift or something for your own little one! Happy playing! XOXO,

Written by: Natalie Gubler

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