The Perfection of Petal Lane

The Perfection of Petal Lane

Let's talk a little bit about decorating-- something I'm far from being an expert on, though I do quite enjoy it. As busy moms everywhere know, taking care of our homes sometimes falls to the end of the list. So when it comes to cleaning, organizing, or adding those cute finishing touches, the more help we can get the better, if you ask me!

Enter Petal Lane.

Did you know The Baby Cubby sells home decor? If you're looking for something cute and timeless to perk up your space, you don't need to look any further than Petal Lane. From a sweet something for the nursery to a perfect picture for the living room, Petal Lane has something for every space. With darling signs, cute quotes, sweet banners, simple pictures--and let's not forget the magnet boards--it's easy to see why Petal Lane is a favorite!

Despite my lack of an interior design background, I truly believe that hanging something on your walls is more than just filling space and hoping it looks good. The pieces you bring into your home need to mean something, they should speak to you. I've found these beautiful pieces from Petal Lane certainly speak to me!

I guarantee you, simpler is better--and better is what you will get with Petal Lane. With versatile neutral tones, timeless quotes, and modern prints, all of the highest quality, your home will appreciate the extra love and attention you're giving it.

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