The Softest Accessories Your Newborns Could Ask For

The Softest Accessories Your Newborns Could Ask For

If you're looking to a small brand to support, meet Goumikids. Started by young mothers Lili Yeo and Linsey Ebuen, these two moms decided to take their passion for creating good in the world and to make something meaningful.

Goumi produces several lines of goods, including Goumikids, their baby essentials line. Mittens, booties, hats and jammies are all special products that the co-founders created to fulfill baby and mommy's wants and needs. Goumikids pursues beauty and sustainability, profits and giving back, along with many other positive goals, such as donating some of their proceeds to help victims of human trafficking. As Lili and Linsey put it, "we want to make good stuff and do good things." This philosophy is evident in everything Goumi does, from their useful products to their very name: goumi berries are a little-known powerhouse in nutrition, and Goumikids strives to be this for the business world.

Baby wearing Goumikids mitts
Because we here at The Baby Cubby love mothers working together to make a difference, we want to highlight this wonderful brand. Below are some useful features of our offered Goumikids products:
  • Goumimitts: these little mittens work great to keep your little one from scratching themselves, because they actually stay on!
Stripe Gray Mitts
Strip Gray Goumimitts
(Also available in: Diamond Dots (cream).)
  • Goumiboots: stay-on booties perfect for babies on the go. Now your little one can explore in style while staying safe and comfy.
Leaves Pink Goumiboots
 Leaves (pink) Goumiboots 
  • Goumijamms: complete with hand covers and a bottom foot pocket with plenty of space to kick around. Perfect for sleep, play, eating, etc.
Midnight Jamms
Midnight Jamms Goumijamm
(Also available in: Rose, Succulent, and Desert Mist)
  • Goumihats: stay-put design that helps your baby stay warm with heat-retaining, yet breathable fabrics. The reversible hats come in matching styles to go with Goumi jamms, boots, or mitts!
Cheveron Goumihat
Cheveron Gouumihat

All Goumikids products are made with antimicrobial fabrics that are environmentally sustainable. With Goumikids, you can get natural and organic baby essentials while helping the world have a brighter future. Go little-known powerhouses!

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