The Toilet Trainer Seat You've Been Waiting For + Giveaway!

The Toilet Trainer Seat You've Been Waiting For + Giveaway!

My two-year-old daughter is FINALLY getting interested in the potty. She thinks it's the bee's knees to be like mommy and loves the little "parties" she gets after she goes. It's really quite exciting and we're pretty pumped about the fact that there may be fewer diapers in our future. What I DON'T like though, is the lack of potty seat options out there. A quick perusal down the aisles of your local big box store and you will notice a severe lack of quality and plain toilet trainer seats. I was on the lookout for something that would last through multiple kiddos while not being an eyesore in my bathroom...doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it? Well, pretty much the only options I could find were hard plastic seats. That's why I am incredibly excited about the brand spankin' new Toilet Trainer Seat from PUJ!

The PUJ Toilet Trainer features a splash guard for your little boys!

Clean & Comfy

The PUJ Toilet Seat fits most standard toilets. When looking for a toilet seat you want to think about cleanliness as well as comfort. Those plastic seats are pretty good for cleanliness, but not for comfort. So you turn to the vinyl-covered foam ones. What you don't know, is that often it is cheap foam underneath the vinyl covering which can crack over time...making it so that certain liquids make it down into that foam and stay there. Gross. So what are you to do? Have you ever felt the PUJ Tub or Flyte? The Tub is made from a very spongy closed cell foam and the Flyte is created from a firmer closed cell foam. The Toilet Seat is somewhere in between these two in terms of firmness, and is still created completely from a closed cell foam. That means this toddler toilet trainer will keep those bums comfy and warm as well as CLEAN. Why? Because that closed cell foam makes it so that little accidents will not seep into the seat and make it stinky. The foam won't ever stain and will also prevent any other bacteria, mold, or mildew from getting built up. PUJ is literally speaking to my inner clean freak! PLUS, you can use most regular household cleaners on the toilet seat without worrying about it coming apart - talk about convenient!  The Toilet Seat will even hold up when cleaned with some industrial and hospital grade cleaners, this thing is built to last.


Why would it matter if a toilet seat is tactile or not? Let me tell you a little story - my daughter was really excited about the potty even a few months ago. There was one day where she really wanted to go, but she was wiggly (imagine that, a child, wiggly!). She was so excited to try and go that she couldn't hold still. Because we had a slippery plastic seat it began to slide all over on the toilet. That freaked her out, especially because she almost fell off! She wouldn't get on it for weeks after that. Because of the PUJ Trainer's foam design it won't slip or slide around on the toilet like my plastic one did. This means that no matter how wiggly and excited your little is they will stay put and won't ever be afraid of getting on the potty for fear of falling off.


 Products that help our children be independent are our favorites! Two things on this front: weight and color options. Coming in at less than a pound, even the littlest toddlers can get this off a PUJ Nub, carry it over to the toilet, and put it on all by themselves. Talk about feeling accomplished! Then, lets talk about the color options: white & grey*. These not only will look fabulous in your bathroom, but they look like mommy & daddy's potty! They get to really be big kids and use things similar to the adult versions, making transitions easy! As kids grow up they want to feel like they are making a big step towards becoming an adult. They want to be like who they are around every day - mom and dad, or big brother and sister. Using a seat that looks like what you use will help them realize that they are getting older and becoming special just like you!

Well, you never knew there was so much to know about a toilet seat, did you?! But now you know and can make the best decision for your family. As an added bonus, PUJ's Toilet Trainer does not come with a hefty price tag, even with all of it's awesome features. It retails for $14.99. That's cheaper than even some of the brands that are already on the market!

Well mamas and daddys out there - good luck with the potty training! We know it can be messy and not fun, but you have this! If you need any extra advice check out our previous blog - 7 Do's and Don'ts of Potty Training - for some experienced advice! You got this.

Now, enter to win a FANTASTIC bundle from PUJ and a $200 Gift Card to The Baby Cubby via our Instagram account HERE! The winner will be announced January 14th via our Instagram! 

*Available for special order via The Baby Cubby
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