The Top 5 Easiest-to-Clean Car Seats!

The Top 5 Easiest-to-Clean Car Seats!

This past weekend, I received one of my mommy badges. You know, the fake badge you award yourself when you experience things as a mom for the first time? it just me that does that? ANYWAY. I got the puke badge. Yep, that one. We were ten minutes into an hour-long drive with my parents, and it happened. My daughter is known for gagging herself with her fingers, so I just thought she had really gone for it because she did not seem sick at all. WRONGO! Thirty minutes later, she began to prove me wrong...very, very wrong. It was awful. Don't worry though, there is totally a silver lining here! The whole time I kept telling myself, at least I can take off the car seat cover and throw it in the washing machine when we finally get home! So, today I bring you the top 5 easiest-to-clean car seats. You can thank me when you get one of your messy mom badges while driving somewhere!

Clek Foonf & Fllo

Have you ever heard of crypton? It might be bad to admit, but when I first hear that word I think, "isn't that the stuff that takes away Superman's powers?" Surprise! Clek put that stuff in their car seat fabric. Okayyyyy.... so it isn't that exact stuff but basically! It repels liquids, smells, etc. all on its own. When you need to clean the fabric, you just use their handy cleaning kit. A couple spritz and a good scrub with the brush, and your seat is good as new!

Clek Fllo in Flamingo

Clek Fllo in Flamingo

What is a seat that cleans easy if it doesn't have other great features? One of the biggest perks of the Foonf and Fllo is the width. In practically all cars, you can fit three side-by-side on the same bench seat! If you're a multiples momma, you for sure want to look into these. Other very notable features are Rigid-LATCH, steel anti-rebound bar, energy absorbing crumple technology, and a 9-year expiration date. Yep, they know what they are doing!

Maxi Cosi Max 30 & Pria 70

Maxi Cosi sure did it right with both of these seats! When it is time to wash the cover, you just undo the snaps and off it comes. These covers can be washed in the washer AND dried in the dryer. If you decide that Maxi Cosi is your brand, the Mico Max 30 is your infant seat and Pria 70 is your convertible seat. 

Maxi Coso Mico Max 30

Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30

The Mico Max is a great lightweight option with that added safety feature of an anti-rotation stability bar! Anything extra to keep the babe safe makes a momma happy, right? The large canopy provides your little one with good protection on its own, and easily comes off of the seat when you don't want it there. Pria 70 will accommodate all of your convertible car seat needs! It is rear-facing and forward-facing, with an easy to adjust no re-thread harness. Don't they look like little baby thrones? I want one in my size!

Chicco Nextfit Zip

It's all in the name here. You simply un-zip the cover, pull it off and toss it in the washer! Does it get any easier? I'm not sure that it can. Of course the awesomeness of this seat does not stop there. This seat has nine recline positions, a six position adjustable head rest, a two-position chest clip and, of course, a five point harness. Talk about a lot of features and adjustments! Chicco is a tried and true consumer favorite brand, so chances are that you (and your baby) will love the Chicco Nextfit Zip too!

 Chicco Nextfit Zip in Notte

So, do you feel confident snapping that messy toddler into the seat yet? I would put my girly in any of these seats, and be so happy to know that if I get another one of those messy mom badges, the seat can withstand the pressure!


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