Top 4 At Home Dates for New Parents

Top 4 At Home Dates for New Parents

When you have a new baby sometimes having someone babysit them can be nerve-racking! But don't let not wanting to give your newborn to someone else for an hour or two make date night not happen with your hubby. Still taking time out and enjoying each others company is so important. I wanted to find super fun dates that are cheap and easy to do with a new baby to help all you new moms and dads out! 


1 - At home movie night

This one doesn't have to be the same old boring "oh put a movie in." You can really make it fun and romantic! Pick a movie from Redbox or from Netflix - search for a great movie that you both want to see and you will enjoy (even you end up making out the whole time *wink wink*). While you're picking up that Redbox movie stop in the grocery store to get some of your favorite treats (or ingredients for your favorites) that you usually don't get! My husband and I usually like to do one salty treat and one sweet treat so we can just binge while we watch the movie! When you get home, to really make it feel different then other movie nights in your house, build a comfy blanket fort! Once it's all up you can cuddle up together with the softest blanket in the world - a Saranoni.

2 - Fun dinner

Spice up regular dinner night! You could pick something that you have never made before and make it together (like sushi or an authentic Mexican meal! We love to do this one since we both adore great food). If you want to make it a little more adventurous (and hilarious) you can split up at the grocery store and each pick 3 items. Then, you both have to figure out how to make a dinner out of your 6 items. You don't get any discussion beforehand. You just go, split, and pick. Wait for hilarity to ensue.

3 - Play games together

Play fun games that you only need you two for! If you haven't played Heads Up by Ellen Degeneres you are missing out. You can download it in your app store for $0.99. Cheapest date night ever!! You will get a giggle trying to name celebrities, movies, or what song your spouse is trying hum. One of our Cubby Moms had their neighbor call them and ask what was going on since they could hear them giggling through the walls...if that doesn't convince you that it will be a good time I don't know what will! You could also try out some easy peasy card games like Skip-Bo or Uno! They will just give you something to do while you really talk about what has been going on in your lives!

4 - Build a bon fire

This is one of our go-to's in the summer time! We will sit around the fire and roast marshmallows to make s'mores and just stare at the stars! We usually hang out until the fire burns out and enjoy simply being together. If you don't have a backyard (or it's wintertime) you can roast marshmallows over your stove burner indoors! This is again a great opportunity to catch up with each other and just take some time out. Plus, it usually allows for the opportunity to mess around with each other ;) Just shove that marshmallow right up the hubby's nose and see what happens ;)

Hopefully that helps you new parents out there to find some time to reconnect! Some other tips: set a time limit to NOT talk about the baby. I know that the babe is taking over your life right now, but seriously, this will help you a ton. Second: make sure you snuggle or hold hands or just touch each other at some point. This does great things for your spouse after baby comes since the babe is most likely getting most of your physical attention. Finally, make sure you tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. During those difficult first few months this will mean a lot.

Love all of you,


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