Top DIY Pregnancy and Baby Halloween Costumes

Top DIY Pregnancy and Baby Halloween Costumes

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Can you believe it's already October?! It's time to get your creative costume juices flowing my friend.  If you are pregnant or have a baby you're in luck-- we've done the Pinterest scouring for you! We've weeded out the tacky and over-done and what's left is people who flat out win at Halloween.

Our top 5 DIY pregnancy costume picks:

Gumball MachineHow fun and simple is this?! All you really need are puff balls and a white shirt.

 Source: Redbookmag

Avocado - We told you these people were winners. Got a brown shirt and some cardboard or poster board?

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Kangaroo-This sweet costume really shows off your mama side!

 PC: @kaylan_nicole

Wilson from Castaway - Best with your partner, but great as a stand alone costume too, this easy idea just requires a white shirt and some red paint.

 Source: Totally Love It

Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball - If this doesn't make you laugh, we don't know what will! Plus, if you already have a little girl, chances are Barbie's are all over your house.

 Source: Totally Love It

Now get ready for a cuteness overload! It's baby costume time!

Our top 5 DIY baby costume picks:

Subway Sandwich - DYING. This is so cute. Just save your lunch wrapper!

 Source: Babyology

Ice Cream Sundae - You probably already want to eat all the cuteness in your little one - this costume just makes it that much more tempting!

 Source: Primary

Baby Owl - No one can resist giving candy to this sweet face. And no sew? All over that.

 Source: Girl Loves Glam

Cow with Udder - A white onesie, black felt, and some bottle nipples sure make for an adorable little cow! Those rolls make it even better.

 Source: Make It & Love It

Octopus - Though it looks like she has 10 legs, luckily only two are actually hers. But if you get that grin out of your little one, you won't care how many legs she has!

 Source: Costume Works

Hope this got you inspired to get crafty this Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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