Trending: Mom & Baby Essentials for the Warm Weather!

Trending: Mom & Baby Essentials for the Warm Weather!

If you're a mom then you already know that wardrobe and gear needs change with the seasons. While you want warm coats, dark colors, and fuzzy socks in the winter you want bright colors and light clothing during those long summer days! So, want to know what all of us stylish moms are planning on sporting this summer?

Mama & Little Necklaces

Looking for some extra bling that is still child friendly? Mama & Little teething necklaces are literally my favorite mom-jewelry pieces. They can go from casual play date, to office work, to date night due to their classy and subdued colors. As well, Mama & Little is careful to ensure that the silicone beads do not wrap all the way around the necklace. Why is this important? So that your gorgeous mommy locks don't get wrapped around those silicone beads! Ouch!

Mama & Little necklaces also feature unique shapes and color combinations, which are great for developing infants! You see, when infants are first born the sensory nerves for their tongue take up a greater amount of area in their brain than other sensory nerves. This means that the more unique an object is that baby can suck on, like the beads on the Mama & Little Rose Luxe Marble, the better they will be at learning patterns, shapes, and textures. And, as we all know, baby's eyes are not developed hardly at all when first born. In fact, most babies cannot start seeing colors until they are about 5 months old! However, the more color combinations you can provide for them to view, the more apt they will be at developing a sensitivity to color as they mature. That is why necklaces like the new Mama & Little Rose Quartz are perfect for developing eyes! The slight differences in color will help baby learn how to look for unique color changes and differentiations. 

LuluJo Baby Turkish Towels

Ok, so I'm betting we're all familiar with those Costco towels that once used are huge, heavy and wet pieces of smelly fabric that take FOREVER to dry. Right? Say goodbye to those days and hello to LuluJo Turkish Towels! Measuring in at 60" X 40" these towels still have the absorbency power of those Costco towels, but because they are so lightweight they will never be too heavy and they will dry extra quick! You can also use these towels as a swimsuit wrap (because they're SUPER stylish!), a picnic blanket, or even a regular-every-day bath towel! Now that's stretching your dollar ;)

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel – Lavender

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel – Navy & Oatmeal

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel – Ocean Blue

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel – Passion Pink & Apricot

Lulujo Baby Turkish Towel – Sunshine Yellow

Saltwater Sandals

Literally, you have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of Saltwater Sandals yet. Seriously. But that's ok, I'm here to help you get out from under that rock ;) If you follow our blog you may have read our last post on them, "Spring into Saltwater Sandals," In that post you can find some great information on these shoes like the fact that they are made from real leather, are waterproof, and machine washable! Literally these are the best shoes you will every buy. For you or baby!

Hoy Shoe Original Salt-Water Sandals – Navy

Hoy Shoe Original Salt-Water Sandals – Tan

Rags to Raches Rompers

Rags to Raches Rompers are seriously the PERFECT summer-time play clothes. Light, easy, and comfortable kids will be playing in these all day long. We absolutely love their one-piece style and the fact that they look fantastic baggy or fitted on your little ones so that you can buy big and have them last twice as long! We are in LOVE with their new short-sleeved and tank-top styles to keep your littles stylish all summer long!

Rags to Raches Native Short Sleeve Romper – Peach

Rags to Raches Native Short Sleeve Romper – Royal Blue

Rags to Raches Starry Night Short Sleeve Romper – Mustard

Rags to Raches Rags Tank Romper – Mustard/White

Rags to Raches Trinny Tank Romper – Aqua

Rags to Raches Rags Short Sleeve Romper – Charcoal


Little Unicorn Marindale Backpack Diaper Bag

Little Unicorn is a fantastic diaper bag company that makes stylish and functional bags at a fraction of the cost! One of their newest bags, the Marindale Backpack, is the perfect bag for those summer day trips (or longer!). Large, lots of organizational pockets, and durable fabrics will keep you looking lovely all year long. 

Little Unicorn Marindale Backpack Diaper Bag – Grey

Little Unicorn Marindale Backpack Diaper Bag – Obsidian

Little Unicorn Marindale Backpack Diaper Bag – Denim

We can't wait to see all you lovely mama's sporting all of these lovely trends with your gorgeous littles! Visit us at The Baby Cubby website or our local Utah baby store to see them in person!

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