Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Finding Out I was Pregnant with Twins - Part 1

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Finding Out I was Pregnant with Twins - Part 1

I went about my day, waiting for my period to arrive. Being a day late, I knew it would have to show up today. I'm EXTREMELY regular. But half the day went by, and I was clueless. I knew I wasn't pregnant. Even though we had been trying to get pregnant for four months, this was not going to be my time. After all, I had taken a pregnancy test only days before that and it was most definitely negative. And, well, I spent the last few days changing my trying-to-get-pregnant plans. I was going to stop trying and re-visit the topic a few months later. It was devastating getting negative test after negative test, and I just needed to be done for a bit. I thought, "Yup, time for new plans."

But, where was my period? I'm telling you - when it comes to being regular, I am the most regular person you'll ever meet. It's a mystery I don't get pregnant the second we try - I mean, my cycle is just THAT regular.

So what did I decide? I would wait until the next morning to take a test since I knew the first-morning pee would be the best. And that lasted about a half a second. 

Pregnancy Test

I sat there, waiting...I'd say patiently, but we all know those tests take at least a million years to show you the results. After what seemed like an eternity, but had only been a few seconds at most, that dark, bold line showed up. WHAT? I was pregnant?! How could that be? I had taken a test a few days earlier. I know there are false negatives, but this line was DARK, darker than the control line, and showed up FAST.

For a minute, I sat and panicked. I had spent the last few days changing all of my plans, but here I was- actually pregnant! "How would I ever manage TWO kids?" "Were they going to be too close in age?" "Was I ready to be pregnant... AGAIN?" And then I reminded myself, "YOU ARE PREGNANT!" Oh, I was suddenly filled with joy! But how would I tell my husband? I didn't have anything planned!

I quickly came up with the best way to tell him. I set up my phone to record a video of me telling him, and secretly placed it on the table so it wasn't obvious. He got home, and we sat down to dinner. We started talking about our insurance plans for the next year, and what we wanted to contribute to the FSA. I coyly said to him, "so if the baby is due June 23rd, we'd probably want to add this much money to it." He went on eating his dinner.

"Did you hear what I said," I asked him.

"Yes, but what if you don't get pregnant?"

"Oh, I already know the due date is June 23rd."

"Wait, what?! Are you pregnant?!"

And happiness ensued.

Okay, maybe it wasn't the most clever way, and my way of telling him we were pregnant with my oldest was way cooler, but I digress.

Enter, October 21. I was 5 weeks pregnant. And there it was. Nausea in full gear. What was happening? I got sick with my oldest daughter between 8 and 13 weeks. 5 weeks? Already? "Must be a spawn-of-Satan son. Clearly. Or hey, maybe I'm having twins," I would tell myself every time a bit of nausea hung around too long.

I shared my secret thoughts about this spawn-of-Satan son, or twins, with my mom. She responded, "Well, if someone's going to have twins, you're the mom for it!" Awwwww.

I had wanted twins all of my life. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever?

*Stay tuned for part 2 next week.
*The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series for all you twin mamas out there! If you have a twin related question, comment below, and I’ll answer it for you!* Featured Image PC: LeiaLauren
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