Ubbi Diaper Pails Are Here!

Ubbi Diaper Pails Are Here!

Whether you are cloth diapering or using disposable Honest Diapers the Ubbi Diaper Pail is a MUST for every nursery & it is “STINK FREE”!!! Did I also mention that it is gorgeous?? I know - we all thought there was no such thing as a BEAUTIFUL diaper pail - but it's here. Right now. Waiting to be sitting in your adorable and meticulously styled nursery. Plus, it has won a ton of rewards. I mean, look at this:

 The Ubbi Diaper Pail comes in 13 Colors + 3 Limited Edition Patterns and it’s Eco FriendlyBonus: no need to purchase special bags. You can use a regular ol' tall kitchen trash bag for these pails! This feature makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean. Plus, it saves you TONS of money.

 But, for those of you that do want a bag specifically for your pail (or a reusable one) Ubbi offers two different choices: 1. Plastic Bag: 13-gallon and is made of 20% recycled material 2. Cloth Reusable Bag: TPU coating to withstand washing machine and air dryer so you can wash it as many times as you need.  The new coated fabric makes the Ubbi cloth diaper pail liner water and odor resistant to prevent leakages and dripping.  The cloth liner has a 7-gallon capacity, which equals to an average of 35 cloth diapers.  It is also equipped with a doorknob hanger and a practical drawstring closure for easy carrying.  PVC free and 100% polyester.

Now here’s the “nitty-gritty” of The Ubbi Diaper Pail and why it is so great - it is made of powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control. It also comes equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disruption, keeping the smell inside the pail and not in your lovely room.


Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi Diaper Pail includes a child-proof lock and is available in an array of 13 colors + 3 Limited Edition Patterns. All the style and none of the smell - a promising solution for every nursery!

  • Powder coated steel
  • Rubber seals
  • Innovative sliding lid
  • No special bags required
  • Eco-friendly
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Safe, convenient & economical
  • Easy to load, use, empty & clean
  • Holds an average of 35 diapers
  • Available in 13 colors + 3 limited edition patterns
  • Award winning design
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