UPPAbaby G-LUXE Review

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Review

We're used to having UPPAbaby make our mama hearts sing with their beautiful, functional, and dependable baby products, and the new 2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe doesn't disappoint!


This stroller is lightweight, weighing in at just over 15 lbs, which makes it an awesome stroller for mamas who are toting it in and out of the trunk. It's still got the easy-to-fold and store functionality of the former G-Luxe, and the overall design of the stroller hasn't changed much, but there are a few upgrades that we are really excited about!

The 2018 G-Luxe has a sturdy, all-steel frame (comes in black and silver) and new to the G-Luxe is the all-rubber front wheels. For those mamas rolling your eyes at me thinking that's no big deal, try walking around Disneyland with plastic wheels on your stroller, and you'll be losing your mind after the first 30 minutes of CLACKING.

Another feature that separates this stroller from the pack is the new wheel lock. For the majority of strollers, and even the older generation G-Luxe, the lock and release were on the same wheel--push down to lock, and lift up to release and go. Now UPPAbaby has changed the game (and saved your pedicure) by putting a red button on your right wheel to push down when you're stopping and locking, and a green button on the left wheel to push down when you're ready to release and go. So simple, yet so life changing, mamas.

True to UPPAbaby form, the 2018 G-Luxe is a fashionable stroller that gives you a little pop of color in the stitching of their neutral palette. The stroller seat has also been upgraded and is integrated into the stroller (opposed to its older generation insert). Thanks to the seat's three recline positions, extendable foot rest, and large canopy, your babe will be riding in style and comfort! Unfortunately, this stroller doesn't have any handlebar storage for mama, so you'll need to settle for purchasing an added accessory like the cupholder, or placing everything in the basket beneath.

Overall, the 2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Lightweight Stroller is everything we expect from UPPAbaby and then some. It gives us a durable, functional, and convenient design, storage, beautiful fabric, and a palette that mamas have come to love. The G-Luxe is a great buy for mamas who are looking for a high-end stroller that is lightweight and comfortable for their little one.

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