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Video: 3 Types of Babywearing

Video: 3 Types of Babywearing

Parents have so much stuff to get done. The good thing is there are multiple options for babywearing to keep your hands free!

Option 1: WRAPS. Wraps like the Solly Baby one we featured in this video are super great for newborns who like to rest their adorable squished up positions. Wraps are essentially just a long strip of fabric, so they're incredibly soft, but you can take a look at our video to see how to tie it and how to insert your newborn to make sure they're sitting comfortably!

Option 2: RING SLINGS. Our featured brand of ring slings, Sakura Bloom, are great for parents who want a little bit more structure, but still the soft fabric and organic feel that wraps have. They're made of high quality, durable linen, and the rings help to make sure your baby is secure.

Option 3: CARRIERS. For parents who are big fans of a more structured, straightforward babycarrying option, a carrier like Ergobaby might be right for you! The buckles and strap adjusters simplify things and make it one of the quickest options. 

Take a look at each of these options in action in our video:

You can't go wrong with any of these! Feel free to drop by our American Fork store and test them out in person!

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