Video: At Home with the Nuna SENA Aire - The Baby Cubby

Video: At Home with the Nuna SENA Aire

Nuna has designed the Sena Aire with—you guessed it—air flow in mind. It maximizes the flow of air when your baby is in it, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they're safe at every moment!

Nuna has made some updates to the color options of the SENA Aire. It used to only come in black, with different color options for the bassinet insert fabric. Now, the entire playard comes in Nuna's caviar, granite, and champagne colors.

This playard has a chic design to fit in any room. It’s a little bit heavy (about 22 pounds) because it’s high-end, but luckily its easy fold makes storing it easy. To fold the Nuna SENA Aire: 

  • Start by taking the mattress out and setting it aside. With this playard, you can leave bassinet insert in if you like!
  • Next, pull up on the tab in the center.
  • Push the sides together to make it compact.

You’ll notice that it has sturdy, skid-proof feet so that it stands when folded, making it easy to store upright! To unfold it, just push down in the center until it expands all the way. 

Once your baby is rolling over or sitting up on their own, it’s time to take off the bassinet insert. To do this, lift the edges of the fabric and undo the clips on each side of the frame. Remove the entire insert, and then you can put the mattress in the base of the SENA Aire.

If you want, there is a diaper changing insert you can purchase separately. It attaches to the top of the SENA Aire, giving easy access for diaper changes. One last thing to note is that the Nuna SENA Aire comes in a Mini size too, which is great to put right next to your bed if you’ve got a brand new newborn.

Check out this portable crib in action:

We love the Nuna SENA Aire and recommend it for any parent in search of a portable crib!

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