Video: Comparing the Nuna EXEC v. Britax One4Life - The Baby Cubby

Video: Comparing the Nuna EXEC v. Britax One4Life

Want to get all of your car seat shopping in one go? We're putting two of our favorite all-in-one options head-to-head in this comparison video. Check out the similarities and differences between the Nuna EXEC and the Britax One4Life!

We’ll start off with what they have in common!

  • Both car seats have a cupholder on each side. On the EXEC, they flip up, and on the One4Life, they can twist out and be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • They both have multi-position recline settings—the EXEC has 8 positions and the One4Life has 9.
  • They also have multi-position headrests and harnesses that adjust easily as your child grows.
  • Both car seats are made with heavy duty Side Impact Protection in case of a crash, and they both include a rear-tether to use for installation in forward facing mode.
  • These car seats have really similar installation methods—they each have built-in trap doors for threading the seatbelt or LATCH strap through, with a slightly different path for rear-facing versus forward-facing modes. These trap doors help to keep the seat snug inside your vehicle.
    • As a note, the Clicktight door on the One4Life is a tad easier to work with because the seat fabric doesn’t get in the way.
  • Because they are both 3-in-1 car seats, once your child reaches the correct weight and height requirements, you can store their harnesses away and switch to booster mode.

Now let’s go over some of the main differences:

  • They both have built-in arm rests, but the ones on the One4Life are disrupted a little by the cupholders. Additionally, the harness clips of the EXEC are magnetic to keep them out of the way when taking your child in and out, which is something the One4Life doesn’t have.
  • The footrest of the EXEC is adjustable, and it turns into an anti-rebound bar in its rear-facing setting. If you want an anti-rebound bar for the One4Life, you have to make sure to purchase the version that comes with it!
  • The One4Life uses Britax’s SafeCell Technology, which creates a crumple zone in the car seat base to help absorb crash energy, as well as built-in cooling channels and ventilated mesh to improve air flow.
  • These car seats have virtually identical weight and height requirements for each mode, but the One4Life is able to seat taller children (up to 63 inches, versus 57 inches on the EXEC), so it may have a longer lifespan.
  • In terms of price, the EXEC is quite a bit more expensive. It retails at $750, versus the One4Life’s price of $380. The version with the anti rebound bar is $460. 

The Nuna EXEC and the Britax One4Life are two of the sturdiest 3-in-1 car seat options on the market, so you honestly can’t go wrong with either! If you’re shopping on more of a budget though, the One4Life might be the way to go.

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