Video: Cybex Gazelle S 2 Stroller IN-DEPTH Demo and Review!

Video: Cybex Gazelle S 2 Stroller IN-DEPTH Demo and Review!

It's no surprise that single-to-double strollers have become some of the most popular strollers on the market! Whether you're planning to expand your family in the near future, or just love the customizability that modular strollers have to offer, these models offer everything you could need or want in a stroller! And with the brand new Cybex Gazelle S 2, you TRULY get it all!

The Gazelle S 2 provides parents with both a high-end look and luxury feel. With gorgeous leatherette handlebars, a sleek aluminum frame, and a variety of colors to pick from, you can find a stroller that truly matches your aesthetic. But what truly gives the Gazelle S 2 the edge in the modular stroller market are all the accessories and features that its competitors lack. Not only does the Gazelle S 2 not require any additional adapters to convert from a single to double configuration, but it comes with a wide range of accessories right out of the box, from the included infant car seat adapters to its shopping basket, rain cover and cup holder! 

Let's take an in-depth look at the Cybex Gazelle S 2 stroller in our video demo and review!

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