Video: Indestructibles Book Series - The Baby Cubby

Video: Indestructibles Book Series

Sitting down with your little ones to read is every mom's favorite time of the day. Even though we love to read them our favorite stories, sometimes they have other plans. Indestructibles are the perfect children's book for every curious little one wanting to read and play. 

Built for babies, they are chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, making it easy for mom and for baby! As moms, we are always trying to keep up with baby's messes, and these books make that easy. They are 100% washable and can withstand all of the messes that come your way, all while stimulating your baby's mind with its colorful pictures and easy-to-read stories. What more could you ask for? So moms, run and grab your little ones some Indestructibles and let the learning begin!

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