Video: Maxi-Cosi Kori 2-in-1 Rocker

Video: Maxi-Cosi Kori 2-in-1 Rocker

The Maxi Cosi Kori 2-in-1 Rocker is an awesome, affordable rocker. It's perfect from birth until your baby weighs 20 pounds!

  • You’ll notice right off the bat that the Kori has a modern design with a wood accented frame. It's super lightweight and supportive for your baby.
  • The fabrics are removable and machine washable in case your baby makes a mess. The super soft inlay supports newborns, and is removable as they grow!
  • The easy-in harness makes buckling-in quick and simple.
  • With just one hand, you can adjust between 3 different height positions to suit what your baby prefers, whether it’s nap time or play time!
  • It has two modes: you can use it either as a rocker, or you can extend the legs in the back to make it a stationary seat. 
  • If you need to store it, simply collapse to fold it flat. It can fit easily wherever you need, whether that's in a closet or underneath your furniture.

Take a look at it in detail in our video:

We love the Maxi-Cosi Kori. No matter what you need to do around the house, you can rest assured knowing your baby can sit or rock safely nearby!

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