Video: Strolling with the Nuna DEMI Grow - The Baby Cubby

Video: Strolling with the Nuna DEMI Grow

We love the Nuna DEMI Grow because it's a really innovative and easy-to-use single-to-double stroller! Check out our video to see why.

In single stroller mode, the DEMI Grow is a really solid option. Straight out of the box, you can use the included adapters or the ring adapter to attach an infant car seat to tote your newborn around. (In this video, you'll see one of our favorites, the Nuna PIPA Lite!) Because it's modular, you can easily attach the included seat once your child gets older, and face them towards you or towards the world. This updated version of the DEMI Grow even has Nuna's new magnetic buckle, which makes it ten times easier to get your child secure with the harness.

One of our favorite parts is the all-season seat. It's covered in Nuna's luxurious fabric, but if things get too toasty, all you have to do is zip the fabric off to reveal the mesh underneath! The large storage basket on the bottom of the frame is perfect for storing diaper bags or groceries.

The DEMI Grow's double mode is one of the most unique things about it. You can attach either two car seats, two seats, or one of each! The beauty of the DEMI Grow is that the main seat can attach directly to the top or bottom, so there's no need to worry about differences in size or weight capacity in a sibling seat. Although you use a little bit of basket storage when adding in a second kiddo, there is still room for a diaper bag at their feet if you choose.

Because the seats are essentially stacked on top of one another, the weight of the DEMI Grow is more centered than other strollers (rather than being heavier in front). Another plus is that you don't have to worry about the stroller being too wide to go through doorways, like you would with a side-by-side stroller. This makes it way easier for you to push! Not to mention, it's just that much more compact and maneuverable as a result.

The tires are foam-filled so you never have to worry about getting a flat. The stroller's custom dual suspension enables the ride that's best for you and your baby. Plus, with the leatherette handlebar, MagneTech secure snap buckle, UPF 50 canopy with peekaboo window, and more features, this stroller is everything you could want!

You can't go wrong with this amazing stroller. Take a look at these features:

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