Video: The New UPPAbaby RIDGE Jogging Stroller

Video: The New UPPAbaby RIDGE Jogging Stroller

We all need to escape reality at times. Deadlines at work, the screaming of our children at home, or the voice in our head telling us all the things we still need to accomplish before we can go to bed are all things that can cause us an overwhelming amount of stress. My favorite way to take a break from the chaos of my day is to get outside and breathe the fresh air, whether it be a quick walk in the park or a long run. The new UPPAbaby RIDGE Jogging stroller allows for a smooth ride, allowing both you and your child to gain some much needed peace in your day.

The RIDGE easily unfolds when ready to use or put away. It contains a zippered basket, perfect for keeping your diaper bag secure while jogging. It also comes with a large water bottle holder that allows you to keep your water close by, preventing you from having to reach into your basket to search for your water. The canopy unzips to reveal a mesh section for greater airflow and to extend the sunshade to give your child more coverage. The handlebar can be adjusted to 4 separate heights and contains an easy access brake to prevent your stroller from taking off when going downhill. With the push of a button, the front wheel can be locked to keep it from swiveling while running.

If you’re in need of a new jogging stroller, the UPPAbaby RIDGE has all the high-end features you need and want. Accessories such as the PiggyBack board and infant car seat adapters can also be purchased to customize the stroller to your needs.

Check it out in action!

Come test out the new UPPAbaby RIDGE Jogging Stroller at our store in American Fork, Utah. You can also shop online at

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