Video: Ultimate Family Picture Style Guide (ft. Rylee + Cru) - The Baby Cubby

Video: Ultimate Family Picture Style Guide (ft. Rylee + Cru)

Growing up I loved to look at my all of my friends' family photos. I loved seeing how each person grew up, how styles had changed, and how different each photo looked every year. Now every time we get ready for family photos, my number one priority is making sure that we look our best as a unit! I research different outfits until my phone is full of a million different styles. Thankfully The Baby Cubby has me covered.

The Rylee + Cru Fall Collection is the PERFECT line for your fall pictures this year. Neutral colors that compliment any background you choose for the perfect family photo. This line helps you avoid the tacky matching outfits and instead gives you the perfect fall color scheme. Make sure to lay out your outfits before hand and snap a picture to make sure that you have just the right layout that you want. After that, enjoy spending time with your family as you capture the love you share for each other in a photo. Happy picture taking!

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