Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is in full swing around here and if you’re like me, you’re in desperate need of finding ways to keep your kiddos entertained! After the shake up the last few months with school, then transitioning into homeschool, life as we knew it turned upside down. I don’t know about you, but after all that, it feels like summer should be nearly over! I’m always up for hearing about some fun activities! These are some ideas that have worked for us as well as some we'd like to try!

Get Involved

Whether it’s swim lessons, joining a reading challenge at the local library, participating in an art class, or getting your kids involved in community sports, give your children a chance to resume a somewhat normal life and enjoy the chance to be kids! Getting involved and having something to look forward to teaches your children both responsibility and commitment, not to mention they need that social interaction just as much as we do!


Reach into your inner Martha Stewart, dig through your junk closets, and create something new! My daughter and I have a thing for embroidery thread and we love making bracelets and cross-stitching little pictures. Tying the thread in her hair is a new favorite of ours. If that’s not your cup of tea, tie-dying is totally in this summer and everyone loves a fun new shirt or pair of socks! Another favorite of ours is painting rocks. It is especially fun for my 4-year-old since we’re working on his letters and spelling his name, so alphabet rocks are a must!

Let’s not forget chalk and bubbles--summer staples around here for sure. But let me tell you, the secret to arts-and-crafts time is participating with them. Children love when you take the time to color or make something new with them, and coming from this mama of 5, the mess is always worth it!

Screen Time

I know, I know... I said the “s" word. But it’s true, we all need a little bit of downtime and screens sometimes are the answer. With so many streaming services available, you can have access to all the latest shows and movies, and sharing some of the classics with your little ones can be a treat for all of you. 


Nothing screams summer more than water balloons, squirt guns, blow-up pools, and sprinklers! It’ll provide hours of entertainment for all of you. And more often than not, there are usually popsicles and watermelon involved as well, which is always a bonus. Maybe your kiddos are too young? I recall multiple times giving my young toddlers baths in the middle of the day to cheer them up and break up the norm, and for some reason, bath time in swimsuits is way more fun.

Trust me, I, as much as anyone, know how those days with younger kids can seem like they're dragging out forever, but the months and years sure have a way of passing too dang fast. Hopefully, these few ideas can help turn those long, hot days into some great summer memories!  

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