Welcome Home: Week 2

Welcome Home: Week 2

You are a mom!! Can you believe it yet?! Well, you're changing lootttss of diapers and loving on a fresh new baby that is YOURS so it just might be sinking in! Week one probably seems like a wonderfully crazy whirlwind, and week two really isn't much different. Take all the pictures and videos because these moments pass by far too quickly!


Figuring out a feeding schedule can seriously be SO intimidating! Here is this little human that you are completely caring for, and no one gave you a step-by-step manual with the exact hours and minutes you should feed your baby. Guess what, you actually do have someone that will tell you...HELLOOOO...that sweet squishy bundle you've got will definitely give you a heads-up! Breastfed and bottle or formula-fed babies typically eat on different schedules, so here is a brief rundown.

Formula-fed: Until your baby is around ten pounds, they will typically want 1.5 - 3 ounces of formula per feeding. Watch for hunger cues, and offer the bottle when you spot them. Because formula-fed babies tend to be heavier than breast-fed babies, make sure that you are not forcing them to finish a whole bottle if they don't want it. Their stomachs are teeny tiny! Your baby will want to be fed about every 3 - 4 hours. Generally, you can follow their lead!

Breastfed: You have probably heard before that breast milk is digested much quicker than formula. This means you could potentially have more feedings. But again, your baby will probably want to eat every 3 - 4 hours (could be sooner). If you are strictly pumping and feeding the pumped breastmilk, this information still applies to to you! Remember, at this point, just make sure your baby is fed when they are hungry! Since you can't tell how much your baby is getting at each feeding, just make sure to offer the breast until your baby seems full. If you're switching breasts, you may try burping her in between breasts to make sure she eats fully from each side.


Have you suddenly noticed your baby wanting to eat more? Well, at two weeks old that is often because your tiny love is going through their first growth spurt! Don't worry, they aren't going to all of a sudden jump up a clothing size. This growth spurt is mostly focused on muscle tone. Baby is already working on fine-tuning their twitchy newborn movements. Along with this growing, baby's vision is still maturing, and he is focusing more on your face and understanding the familiarity of it more everyday!

Unfortunately, if your baby is colicky, it could start to show up this week. Colic is exhausting; it takes a physical toll on baby, and is emotionally and mentally exhausting for the parents. The best advice is to do your research, and talk to your pediatrician and fellow mom friends! There are so many things you can try to help soothe your sweet babe! Deep breaths mama! Find ways to soothe yourself too! Now remember, crying is the only form of communication your baby is capable of. So naturally a newborn baby (even one without colic) will cry. Sometimes for no apparent reason, but most of the time because they need something. That something could be milk, or just some love and cuddles. Even though you may want, and need, both of your hands for something else, try to remind yourself that your baby is still getting used to not being tucked inside of you! I would surely want to be held close if I was in that position too!


This week, things might be starting to get fuzzy. Week one was full of total love and obsessed googly eyes over your new baby. Week two has turned into tired eyes with a hefty side of WHOA. You're in a new stage and there are so many things you are trying to learn, while you are getting less sleep and less time to yourself than you were just two weeks ago. So how do you deal with it all? ACCEPT IT AND ADAPT! Rather than waking up and saying "ughhhh, I am so tired" say something like "this change is taking some SERIOUS adjustment." If you spend your time wishing you could have this baby annnnd have eight hours of sleep at the same time, then adapting to your new life of less sleep will be so much more overwhelming! Talk to your mommy friends, or join an online mom community where you can commiserate and seek support! With a little concealer under your eyes, and a positive attitude, you can rock the day with four hours of sleep!


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